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Anchorage Roads
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  • Minnesota Dr - South Addition
    Minnesota Drive as it merges with 15th heading toward the lagoon is in the WORST shape I have ever seen. I cannot believe the city/state has not repaired this section!!!
  • 1000 E Benson Blvd Anchorage, AK 99508 - Rogers Park
    Fred Meyer parking lot is a huge problem when trying to get in and out, particularly during rush hour or busy shopping days. I've seen people park on the side of the road just to shop! Someone's going to get hurt. Fix it!!!!
  • 10931 O'Malley Centre Dr Anchorage Connecticut - Bayshore-Klatt
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  • Glen Highway - Chugiak
    The ruts in the GH are deadly and dangerous. Even in the summer changing lanes can throw a vehicle around and cause you to fishtail. In some places the ruts are 5" deep!
  • Old Glenn Highway & Interstate A-1 Chugiak, AK 99567, USA - Chugiak

    So every year since the lights along the Glenn were installed, this light pole gets knocked done because someone slides through the yield sign at the thunderbird falls exit. This year it only made it through the first snow.

    I'd like to see two things done.

    #1. Move the light. Either up the hill or to the left so it quits happening.

    #2. Fix the light before summer.

    Then we can talk about changing the grade and design of the offramp so people aren't constantly skidding through it

  • Borland Drive 99517 - Turnagain
    The streets in our 'hood are an embarassing has to wonder if anything will ever be done about the problems.
  • 990 W Dimond Blvd Anchorage, AK 99515 - Taku-Campbell
    The turn lane turning into Burlington and fred meyer area is a traffic hazzard. there needs to be some adjustment with the way traffice tries to exit the parking lot adn those flying in off dimond.
  • 3405 Woodland Park Drive Anchorage, Alaska - Spenard
    People cutting through the neighborhood are driving 35 and 40 mph on this street which has a 25 mph speed limit. There is a Boys and Girls Club at the corner of 36 th ave and woodland park and many young children walking with no sidewalks.
  • dE-bAR Archived
    4790 Debarr Rd Anchorage, AK 99508 - Russian Jack Park
    All of Debar sucks, this has got to be the worst road in town!!
  • Dowling Rd Anchorage, AK 99518, USA - Taku-Campbell
    The drops/un-evenness in this road is unbelievable. This road is extremely hard on a cars' suspension (stock or aftermarket) and at times depending on which way you are driving, very easy to bottom out the front end of your vehicle just driving the posted speed limit.
  • Old Seward Between Dearmoun And Rabbit Creek Anchorage, USA - Old Seward-Oceanview
    Cars, trucks, cycles - all find the Old Seward between DeArmoun and Rabbit Creek Road an acceleration zone. Let's start with north and south lane speed limit signs between Venus and Jarvi, then make some $ for the coffers from those who insist that 50+ in a residential zone is perfectly okay. Day and night, the traffic speed makes turning onto (and from) side streets challenging! At the least, please post a speed limit sign just SOUTH of DeArmoun on Old Seward in both directions. Too many 'almost scrapes' when turning onto Jarvi Drive...too many people think this is open highway and that 55+ is perfectly fine. Don't wait for a driver or pedestrian to be hurt, please!
  • despite Archived
    8324 Duben Ave Anchorage, AK 99504 - Northeast
    Two fifth wheel trailers despite a nearby sign that says "no vehicles over 100,000 pounds". Can we get these removed?