District 11 - Commissioner Zapata

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Watching issues created after: 2015-07-29

This is to remind and alert Commissioner Zapata of District 11 of problems within our small neighborhood experiencing higher crime activities lately.

Notified About

  • 1300 Sw 149th Path Miami FL - Miami-Dade County
    A very sharp curve with no signs alerting drivers either coming from North or South. A few head on collisions were avoided laat minute because drivers were alert. But one day it will happen and it may kill someone.
  • 1020 Sw 149th Path Miami, Florida - Miami-Dade County
    We have no speed limit signs between 1000-1600 blocks of SW 149th Path
    continuing to SW 150th Avenue. Drivers fly by instead of driving on a slow speed within our neighborhood street.
  • 1202 Sw 149th Path Miami, Florida - Miami-Dade County
    I am runner and have to run with pepper-spray and alarm because of this complete dark spot between the blocks of 1200-1300 of Sw 149th Path continuing to Sw 150th Avenue. Please install some street lights!
  • 1400 Sw 150 Avenue Miami FL - Miami-Dade County
    We have an overgrown vegetation plus the street is very dark making our house victims of house break-ins and car theft and break-ins. Please send someone to trim the bushes please.
  • 1017 Southwest 150th Place Miami, Florida - Miami-Dade County
    Falling stop sign on corner of SW 10 ST and SW 150 Pl (33194)