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At the approach toward Green Street on Madison Ave. from the 787 exit ramp (So Madison Ave. going West). One lane is left turn only, one is straight only and the sign to the far right is a "go straight or turn right" sign, and it looks like this is associated with the farthest right lane, but can also look like its for both lanes. If someone in the far right lane goes straight, there is not a lane for them when they pass the intersection.

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  • 82 Madison Avenue Albany, New York - Albany

    There are four lanes of traffic at this intersection heading west on Madison Ave. The far left has a sign for left turn only, then there is a straight only sign for the next lane, then there is one sign that is a straight or right turn for the two right lanes.

    This signage means that three lanes of traffic could potentially go straight, but on the other side of the intersection there are only two lanes of traffic. This causes confusion especially during the morning commute when there is a high number of vehicles passing through the intersection.