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  • Potholes Archived
    8231 Barningham Rd Richmond, Virginia - Oxford
    18" wide, 6" deep.
  • 2730 Stratford Road Richmond, Virginia - Oxford
    This has been a continuous problem. The property owner does not take care of his yard. Weeds are at least 3' tall and yard trash is everywhere. I'm concerned about rats and other wildlife as well as the look of the property.
  • Potholes Archived
    2630 Kenmore Road Richmond, Virginia - Oxford
    Sink hole growing. City filled with asphalt in June '15 but started caving in immediately because the underlying problem was not fixed. This is getting dangerous.
  • 2712 Grantwood Court Richmond, VA - Oxford
    mattress pick up
  • Potholes Archived
    2792 Stratford Road Richmond, Virginia - Oxford
    Sink hole in the road right in the turn. Has gotten much worse in the last couple days.
  • 3027 Kenmore Road Richmond, VA - Oxford
    Large branches and vines to be picked up whenever convenient in ditch. Thank you!
  • 2601 Kenmore Rd. Richmond, VA - Oxford
    Overgrown grass at the corner of forest hill & Kenmore is blocking visibility of oncoming traffic.
  • Forest Hill Ave Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Oxford
    Grass along sidewalk at Forest Hill & Kenmore is overgrown making it difficult to see oncoming traffic. This is a significant driving hazard
  • 3027 Kenmore Road Richmond, VA - Oxford
    Please collect some large branches and brush from in front of our residence at your earliest convenience.
  • 2700-2798 Sterncroft Drive Richmond, Virginia - Oxford
    The culvert pipe that goes under Stratford Road from the ditch on Sterncroft Drive is clogged.
  • Potholes Archived
    8301-8319 Chippenham Parkway Richmond, Virginia - Oxford
    Pothole (repeat) is located in inside SB lane of Chippenham approx 100' north of intersection with Sherbrook. Pothole is approx 12" X 6" and several inches deep. It is hard to avoid unless one knows it is there.
  • 3027 Kenmore Road Richmond, VA - Oxford
    The leaf collection trucks forgot our neighborhood again this year. Will someone please take our leaves? It's very hard to drive around, and impossible to walk.