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  • Potholes Archived
    4141 Mitchell St Detroit, MI 48207, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Large pothole surrounding catch basin
  • 550 Harrison Blvd Lincoln Park, MI 48146, USA - Wyandotte
    The bridge at Harrison and Goddard is the main traffic route for many local residents that travel from Lincoln Park to Wyandotte. It has had construction road blocks on it because it is not safe to drive on and both cities refuse to fix it, prioritize it, or admit that it's their problem!
  • 1444 Winchester Ave Lincoln Park, MI 48146, USA - Lincoln Park
    Weeds already growing, and by summer will be as high as the wall.
  • Tree Issue Archived
    4001–4151 Mitchell St Detroit 48207, United States - US Congressional District MI13
    Tree is causing sidewalk to buckle dangerously. Many children and caregivers have tripped and fallen including my own child who hurt her knee. Please fix this sidewalk across from the school. Please make this a high priority item.
  • Wayne State University Detroit, Michigan - US Congressional District MI13
    There is a huge sinkhole partially covered by three loose metal plates on West Hancock in front of WSU Lot 56. There is also water in the hole, which is bubbling, and you can sometimes smell gas outside. Cars turning into the lot from Woodward drive over this hole and the unsecured plates, making it bigger by the day.
  • 3001-3099 Superior St Detroit, MI 48207, USA - US Congressional District MI13
  • 1676 Chicago Blvd Detroit 48206, United States - US Congressional District MI13
    Someone hit the light pole on our block overnight. This is the second one this month. Something needs to be done about people literally racing down Chicago
  • 7th / Nothline(Ford Ave) Wyandotte, MI - Wyandotte
    The newly installed fence blocks the view of traffic and creates pedestrian safety issues. I've seen several near misses with childern/vehicle's. This fence needs to be moved back several feet so that traffic does have to encroach into the public walk area to view oncoming traffic.
  • 1410 M-3 Detroit, MI 48207, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Running water is trapped in the middle of the block no reaching the drains. it creates a health hazard, smells terribly and overall is a public nuisance. A sewer drain needs to be installed in the section where street caves in at 1428 Service St
  • 691 Seward Ave Detroit, MI 48202, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Mattresses, rugs and overflowing dumpster full of garbage and trash has been behind the apartment building at 691 Seward. The regular trash and recycling in this alley between Delaware and Seward (between Second and Third) has not occurred for a few weeks, if not longer.
  • 4034 Neff Ave Detroit, MI 48224, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    front yard covered in mowers and trash back yard looks like a scrap yard. trash cover two lots and starting to cover the empty lot next (west) of the property
  • 1511 Bagley Ave Detroit, MI 48216, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    The new street light pole at the northwest corner of Bagley and Trumbull was installed over a foot within the pedestrian way on Trumbull.