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  • 13203 Woodland Farm Dr Charlotte, NC 28215, USA - Continental US
    There is one huge and several smaller pot holes at the intersection of Woodland Farm and Hidden Grove Trail in the Rocky Ridge community in east Charlotte. Several of the people, myself included, in the neighborhood have tried multiple times to report these holes to the City, the County and the State, none of which will come out to repair them claiming that we are not in their jurisdiction because we are in the unicorporated part of Charlotte. There have been several attempts by the people of the neighborhood to repair these holes on their own, filling them with gravel and quick mix cement bought at the local hardware store, but everytime it rains it just washes away any repair attempts and makes the holes even bigger than before. These holes have now gotten so bad that they have spread across most of the intersection making it a hazard to your vehicle and causing people to attempt to avoid the holes by driving up on the sidewalk and yard of the homes at that intersection. Please help us get this problem fixed. Thank you!
  • 11723 Hidden Grove Trail Charlotte, NC 28215, USA - Continental US
    There are huge pot holes located at this intersection that you have to ask kids waiting for the school bus to move out of the way so you can drive in the wrong side of the street to avoid them. The city, state or the county are not taking any responsibility to repair the pot holes. This has been reported many times for many years. When a kid gets hit because someone had to drive off the road they can't say it wasn't reported.
  • 11723 Hidden Grove Trail Charlotte, NC - Continental US
    These potholes have been reported many times to city, county and state road repair departments. All say that it is not their area. The neighbors have tried to repair it ourselves but it holds only for a short time. It is located at the intersection at the bottom of an incline and I know of accidents being caused by the damaged pavement and loose debris.
    This has been an issue for years and the neighborhood has had to live with it. We don't understand why the roads near this area is getting repaved unnecessarily when this hole will soon be big enough to park a car in.
  • Woodland Farm And Hidden Grove Trail - Continental US
    Corner or Woodland Farm and Hidden Grove Trail in Rocky Ridge. 3 feet across and about 4 inches deep you have to drive to the other side of the street to avoid them.
  • 11723 Hidden Grove Trail Charlotte, NC - Continental US
    This HOLE in the road is dangerous. It is also VERY old. We have reported this to everyone we can think of but no repairs have been made. We need HELP!
  • Woodlandfarm And Hiddencove - Continental US
    3 pot holes at intersection 4 ft across 3 to 4 in deep residents say county or city wont fix i take friends children home this way i dont live in the neighborhood but it is a saftey hazzard
  • 13126 13198 Woodland Farm Dr Charlotte /Mecklenberg, NC - Continental US
    Huge pothole on Woodland Farm Dr. at Hidden Grove Rd. forcing traffic to drive through huge pothole and ruin car, or turn into on coming lane of traffic, our vision is blocked due to cars parked on side of Hidden Grove Rd.
  • Corner Of Hidden Grove Trail And Woodlands Farm Road And The Cul-De-Sac At - Continental US
  • 11611 Hidden Grove charlotte, nc - Continental US
    There are several minature sink holes at the corner of Woodland Farms and Hidden Grove. The state of North Carolina cut roads into this subdivision that increased traffic into this subdivision yet they will not take any responsibility for repairs, the city of Charlotte has city buses running through this subdivision.. They use our roads yet the State, County nor the City will repair these sink holes and have not made any repairs to roads in this subdivision.
  • 12940 Albemarle Rd Mint Hill, NC 28227, USA - Mint Hill
    This mound of dirt has been sitting here waiting for the bridge to be built so that Rocky River School is with-in code of having two exits from the school. This, I believe, will become the main entrance to the school and hopfully be made attractive with a school banner accross the road leading up and over the bridge. There is the mound of dirt on the other side of the tracks for the other end of the bridge also. When will this be built?
  • 13200 Crooked Pine Ct Charlotte 28215, United States - Continental US
    The Storm Drain is creating a sink hole in the road. A child is going to fall in if it keeps getting bigger.
  • Mint Hill NC, USA - Mint Hill
    Construction trailer has been moved about 2 weeks. last reported to begin construction "soon"
    What is status now???