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  • Lark Street Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    Who is making the decision about what constitutes aggressive panhandling? When a person cannot enjoy their neighborhood or their own stoop, walk home, or eat at an outdoor cafe without being asked for money, this is aggressive and a serious quality of life issue. Self defense classes specifically teach participants not to allow strangers within a particular personal space distance, yet, repeatedly, citizens are told there is nothing the police can do when they are continually accosted and outright scared (including after dark) as panhandler after panhandler approaches and asks for money. This has a lot to do with why people so many fewer people want to come to this area to dine and shop. It doesn't matter what we offer, if our streets are filthy, loud, and filled with drunks and people asking for cash. This holds no attraction and should be a no brainer.
  • Lark Street Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    199 Lark Street has sat vacant for years and is an eye sore as well as a home for vermin and now a safety hazard. The roof of the building is said to be collapsing by those who have seen it from above, and the front of the building is now falling apart. During the winds this weekend, and with thousands of visitors here for the St. Pat's Parade, pieces of the facade blew off and could have seriously harmed adults and children, as could happen any time. It is beyond negligent that the city has not addressed this issue to the extent that the building owner has either completely rectified the issue or forfeited the building. A person should lose all rights to property when their disregard creates health and safety issues, decreases the appeal of the street and negatively impacts the value and safety of the properties nearby. In general, Lark Street is drab, run down, dirty and neglected. In addition to empty buildings, gum all over the sidewalks, litter, the few trash cans overflowing onto the ground, the steps to some buildings have completely disintegrated and are a danger to anyone (including residents and mail carriers) having to climb them. A couple oriel windows are in such bad shape pieces may come off and endanger pedestrians, and property owners are allowed not to paint and maintain their buildings, and steps, etc. Lark is never going to be a "destination" when it looks like this. Clean it up, repair it, paint it, maintain it, put lights in the trees, have foot patrol officers until all bars close, address the pan handlers which are aggressive intrinsically if they approach people who do not want to be approached, who are alone, in the dark, etc. Saratoga, Hudson, Troy and other areas are doing far better than Albany because they are addressing all of these issues. The city and the Lark BID have to put effort where it really matters which is beyond bars traffic and festivals. Surely you can't hold the positions you hold and not know and commit to that at minimum.
  • Lark Street Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    Thursday evening at Hudson and Lark Street.. I'm getting ready to cross. A lady runs the red light. Tjere were 2 officers chatting on the corner, one was on a bike. I say to them there's someone running the light, you saw her run it. The officer on thr bike says, "Well, he car goes faster than my bike." Then they both laugh and keep chatting.
    Mind you its 5:00 traffic the car is going along in stop and go traffic!
  • Sinkholes Archived
    5 South Swan Street Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    Start of a sinkhole on Swan street btw Orange and Clinton. Will become an issue if not taken care of.
  • 253 255, 257 sheridan ave, Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    drug sales . its a supermarket. been going on for ever.friday is white boy day . every white guy after work between 3 and six pm stop on streets or drives there to buy drugs . police dont seem to care . with all the construction going on in sheridan hollow . you would think they would try and clean the neighborhood up .
  • 18-68 Monroe St Albany, NY 12210, USA - Sheridan Hollow
    Blocking one way street during lunch break and no activity
  • Pothole Archived
    86-98 Henry Johnson Boulevard Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    This sewer manhole has to be 4-6 inches lower than the ground and is always wet, which poses obvious issues in the winter. It poses a serious issue for people that drive through it, I could easily see a motorcyclist dumping a bike in it or a pedestrian falling in the road. It's probably caused tons of $$ in damage to peoples suspensions as well. It really should be raised to grade with the street ASAP
  • 59-81 Orange Street Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    Albany County Family Court and adjacent empty lot have not cleared their snow this year. There is no safe foot path on this side of the street.
  • 20 Chapel St Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    Every weekend, especially on Saturday in the wee hours of the morning there is mayhem in the parking lot between Chapel and N. Pearl and Monroe. Bottles are broken, profanity screamed, loud music from cars, --kind of like a disgusting tailgate in the middle of the night. As a resident at 17Chapel, I know many have complained but nothing is done. The parking lot is a menace-- it should be closed by a gate or a chain, not open for cars that late. Although it says no overnight parking, it also says the lot is open until 4. Not only is this an outrage to those of us who have invested in a part of the city the mayor wants to populate, but it makes our city look terrible to travelers staying at the Hampton Inn at 25 Chapel. These individuals are not paying for the parking as is required and are troublemakers. Please do something about this.
  • North Pearl And Sheridan Ave. Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    Again, Extremely loud music from the Hollow. I live two blocks away on Chapel St and it sounds as if it is in my apartment. It is a quarter to 1AM. There is no need for music to be this loud EVER. Can't someone speak to the management there and tell them to tone it down? If the mayor wants people to live down here she needs to address quality of life issues such as this. Or doesn't anyone care once we decide to invest in this neighborhood?
  • Trash Pick-Up Archived
    360 Sheridan Ave Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    loose trash has been collectingf in this vacant lot for yrs. the city refuses to pick it up. it has made the neighborhood a mess because it either stays there and is ignored, or it blows down the street. if this were pine hills or center square, this would have been taken care of a long time ago.
  • Very loud music Acknowledged
    14 Clinton Sq Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    Another weekday and again loud live music at McGearys. Apparently nothing is being done about this because it is 11:45 and it sounds like the music is being played in my bedroom. I live at 17 Chapel St and If Albany wants residents downtown something must be done about the loud music issue. Some of us have to go to work during the week and need to sleep each night whether it is week day or weekend. No reason for music to be so loud., but no matter what live music outside should stop by 11 weekdays and midnight weekends. Don't they need some sort of permit? Aren't there noise laws? This is absurd.