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  • Water Street Albany, New York - Albany
    There are 3 street lights needing repair. Pole numbers 12 and 18 are out (use number on street side of pole). Pole number 16 is dim. 500 parkers walk on this unlighted section of the city sidewalk twice a day. It is unsafe!
  • 3 Columbia Street Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    Homeless encampment beneath this Albany County owned building is causing countless issues for building beside it at 56 Sheridan Avenue. Our parking lot is used for drug transactions. Vehicles have been broken into. People found sleeping in vestibule. Garbage litters the parking lot on a daily basis. Drug paraphernalia litters hillside. The county knows the problem exists and hasn't done anything. Who do we have to contact to make this a priority? People's safety is in jeopardy. Please fence off this area and relocate these people to shelters or rehabs.
  • Homeless Encampment Acknowledged
    3 Columbia Street Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    When are you actually going to do something about the people living under this building? We have been reporting this issue for MONTHS and no one has done ANYTHING to remedy the problem. Drug deals are going on in our parking lot at 56 Sheridan Avenue. Cars have been broken into. Window screens have been slashed. Garbage is strewn around the lot. People are sleeping in our vestibule. SHAME ON YOU ALBANY COUNTY!!! This is absolutely disgraceful.
  • 82 Sheridan Ave Albany, NY 12210, USA - Sheridan Hollow
    Every day I go to the sheridan parking lot using this road. Right where I marked, the patch work done to the road is kind of messed up. Each day I pass through(even tried to avoid it), it feels like I might need alignment work on my car soon. Please fix it evenly.
  • Other Archived
    35 Sheridan Ave Albany 12210, United States - Sheridan Hollow

    Noise and parking and pollution. This bus has been parked here for 3 days with its Diesel engine running continuously. Called APD yesterday with no resolution.

    This area is a developing downtown RESIDENTIAL neighborhood. How about prohibiting overnight bus truck parking and or enforcing diesel motors 5 minute rule.

    Help our neighborhood please

  • Capital Rep North Pearl St Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    can't walk by capital rep during lunchtime hours without somebody hanging out asking for money - several folks hanging out drinking alcohol on benches under the parking garage
  • 18 Monroe St Albany, NY 12210, USA - Sheridan Hollow
    Deisel fumes and noise for three in support oh hotel
  • 84 Pearl Street Albany, New York - Albany
    The level of noise from this establishment is clearly not complying with sections of the City's code. Specifically §255-24, and assuming no permit for this level of noise, §255-29 as well. There have been several other complaints regarding this issue, and I have the sentiments. I believe the operations of this bar/club are coming at the cost of surrounding residents.
  • N. Pearl St. An Sheridan Albany, New York - Albany
    another Thursday night , booming music from I assume Legends on N. Pearl. It's 11:45 and we adults have to sleep to get up to go to work in the morning so we can pay taxes to the city so it can can ignore our constant complaints for help with the loud music on N. Pearl.
  • North Hawk Street And First Street Albany, New York - Arbor Hill
    Multi-purpose sign was hit by a car and became badly mangled. Attempt to place sign back in post resulted in crooked sign not perpendicular to street as it should be. Needs replacement with new signs.
  • 18-68 Monroe St Albany, NY 12210, USA - Sheridan Hollow
    Blocking one way street during lunch break and no activity
  • Other Open
    56 Sheridan Avenue Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    This morning there was a homeless man sleeping in the vestibule of the building. We've made several complaints within the last few weeks as there has been an increase in homeless activity in and around the property. The parking garage immediately behind us (located at 3 Columbia Street) is host to a village of people living under the main structure. People are constantly loitering, throwing trash around the property and using the exterior outlets to charge devices. There has also been damage to two vehicles. As the weather turns colder, I expect we will see more issues like this morning's and that a huge safety concern. Please help these folks get into proper housing!