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  • City tree Archived
    910 S Cassingham Rd Columbus, OH 43209, USA - Bexley
    Driving westbound on Livingston Avenue, you cannot read the street signs from, at least, Roosevelt to the Bexley line. The trees need to be pruned - which might be difficult - or the street signs need to be lowered on the poles. You can't see/read them till you right are on top of them. Could be more signs than I listed. If I didn't know where my street was it would be difficult finding it.
  • 929 S. Vernon Bexley, Ohio - Bexley
    Please inspect garage and house for compliance with Bexley Code?
  • 2778 Bellwood Ave Bexley, Ohio - Bexley
    Crashed/abandoned car left for over a month now; second report. Would this be acceptable in Central Bexley?
  • 2651 East Main Street Columbus, Ohio - Bexley
    Please remove the old city trash can behind Bexley Pizza Plus.
  • 2462 Elm Ave Columbus, OH 43209, USA - Bexley
    we had sewer backup, Bexley came to mark the waterline by the street in front of the house. There is still a hole with 3 cones by the street. this is concerning as we don't want the line to freeze.
  • 168 N Merkle Rd Columbus, OH 43209, USA - Bexley
    Has/does City of Columbus spray Bexley for mosquitos? Their website says they will spray east side (Eastmoor, etc.) Aug. 6 between 3:30-6:30a.m. Can we be included please or updated? thank you!
  • 216 S Cassingham Rd Columbus, OH, 43209, USA - Bexley
    I am not sue what category to put this in - we are having frequent skunk visits in the neighborhood just north of the schools on Cassingham. There has been smell 3 times this week (it seems to be getting more frequent). We think they must have taken up residence somewhere near here (but we don't know where and have not seen them). Does the Bexley Animal Control Officer deal w/ this kind of thing? message from Shari Speer & Barry Shank
  • 2624 Bexley Park Rd Columbus, Ohio - Bexley
    Large bushes blocking the sidewalk on Bexley Park as well as on Remington.
  • Bexley OH, USA - Bexley
    large street light on alley is out on
    south remington between bexley park and bryden on west side of street
  • 2395-2415 East Broad Street Bexley, Ohio - Bexley

    I just saw this post on The Bexley Buzz facebook page..." FYI. The Bexley flag along Broad and Drexel (near the lighted bushes) is flying upside down this morning. Who do we contact to get it right side up?"

    Can someone please correct this asap? Thank so much

  • 2877 East Broad St Columbus, OH 43209, USA - Bexley
    Is this Bexley House signage on Gould/Broad and Merkle/Broad in accordance with Bexley rules?
  • 371 South Gould 43209 - Bexley
    Power outage starting at about 6:55am today. Reported to AEP but thought it might be a good idea to report here as well.