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Anona Heights Neighborhood

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  • 13494 Wilcox Rd Largo, FL 33774, USA - Largo
    Washout on the south side of Wilcox road. West of Mia Cir. and East of 137th St.
  • Road Issue Archived
    11923 137th Street Largo, Florida - Largo
    I'm trying to find out what's going on with 137th being closed at Walsingham Road. It's been closed for over a week now, maybe two, and it doesn't look like anything is being worked on. Any idea what is going on and when it will reopen? Thank you!
  • 12497 137th St Largo, FL 33774, USA - Largo
    This house has been a problem for years. It recently changed owners and they have not done anything about the property. Yard is severely overgrown, hosting snakes and animals. It is an eyesore in the middle of a neighborhood where people take care of their properties. It is an attraction for vagrants and poses a safety hazard for the neighborhood.
  • 13669 Kimberly Oaks Cir Largo, FL - Largo
    Mosquitoes are out of control in my neighborhood due to a big drainage ditch that runs behind the houses. Impossible to remove standing water when it is there by design. My yard has become unusable. I cannot step foot outside without being SWARMED. It is noticeably worse on my street than in other areas of the county. Even wooded parks near water have less mosquitoes than my street.
  • 12665 137th Lane Largo, Florida - Largo
    I just moved to the,area and i have never seen mosquitos so bad at the evening. I am also curious as to when the mosquito man drives around spraying? In the last two months i have not seen a spray/ air treatment in my neighborhood. They are getting worse. I keep my yard very well manicured. No standing water. Please spray!
  • Flooding/Erosion Acknowledged
    12990 Sophia Cir Largo, FL 33774, USA - Largo
    there is no erosion control measures
  • Intersection Walsingham/Oakhurst/Inidian Rocks Rd Largo, Florida - Largo

    Traffic signal skips a cycle, sometimes two cycles when headed north, crossing from Oakhurst Rd to Indian Rocks Rd. The cycle works traffic heading south normally, but northbound sits through red lights, no green signals.

    Thank you

    Paul Gavin

  • 12271 137th Street N Largo, FL - Largo
    Grass is over grown
    property has been abandoned for years
  • 137th St Largo, FL - Largo
    137th st largo, towards wilcox, across from kimberly oaks, this debris has been blocking the sidewalk for over a month, in same area grass is overgrown, even on to sidewalks, needs mowed and edged.
  • Speedway Walsingham Road, Largo, FL 33770, United States of America - Largo
    Red light in right lane burned out
  • Graffiti Archived
    Indian Rocks Rd At Walsingham Rd Largo, Florida - Largo
    At the intersection of Walshigham and Indian Rocks Rd, Northwest corner thee large silver Traffic Box (6 x8) has horrible profanity on it in 5" black permanent marker. It already been there for over a week. Duke Energy just got back to me this evening and said it wasnt theirs. This is a horrid site. Please have someone clean it.
  • Flooding Archived
    11801 Antilles Dr Largo, Florida - Largo
    Water not draining west side of 137 st n at walsingham rd. This is the east side of the burger king