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Anona Heights Neighborhood

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  • Road Issue Archived
    Anona Heights Dr & Indian Rocks Rd S Largo, FL, 33774, USA - Largo
    There’s an unbelievable amount of loose gravel in this intersection. Its been mounting for quite some time. Its in the crosswalk and a dangerous situation for pedestrians/walkers, cars and bicyclists.
    Hope the City of Largo can get a few shovels over there to clean it up! Thank you.
  • 13494 Wilcox Rd Largo, FL 33774, USA - Largo
    Washout on the south side of Wilcox road. West of Mia Cir. and East of 137th St.
  • 12497 137th St Largo, FL 33774, USA - Largo
    This house has been a problem for years. It recently changed owners and they have not done anything about the property. Yard is severely overgrown, hosting snakes and animals. It is an eyesore in the middle of a neighborhood where people take care of their properties. It is an attraction for vagrants and poses a safety hazard for the neighborhood.
  • Pothole Archived
    137th St N & 126th Ave N Largo, Florida, 33774 - Largo
    There is a large hole at this intersection with a cone marking the hole. Please repair so buses can safely travel through the intersection.
  • Graffiti Archived
    13677 Walsingham Rd Largo, FL, 33774, USA - Largo

    Please, it’s been nearly a year od pleas and no responses!! I’ve reached out to city, county, duke & cable company- nothing.

    Please please please take down the tennis shoes hanging on the wires across the road just 50 yrd south of the intersection of 137th Street and Walshingham Rd, Largo, FL 33774. It’s a gang territority sign. Please remove.

  • Tree Issue Archived
    12150-12198 137th St N Largo, FL, 33774, USA - Largo
    137th st n largo
    between Sussex dr and Anona heights dr
    Tree limbs hanging in utility line, left there after city removed trees and repaired sidewalk. please remove tree limbs
  • 12590 138th St N Largo, FL, 33774, USA - Largo
    Grove Lake, between 137th Lane an d 138th St, Anona area, is overflowing and water is now overflowing into the residential street (one that was not long ago repaired due to water damage). The 'Lake' drain in on Wilcox road, 100 yards west of 137th Street. I have left two previous requests for attention, but did not have a photo. (note, this water is not due to quick rain-fall, but due to lake overflow.) I do know that the County is responsible for this drain, as I have previous experience determining ownership.. Thank you in advance, Kurt KLotz 12926 137th Lane
  • 12990 Sophia Cir Largo, FL 33774, USA - Largo
    there is no erosion control measures
  • Road Issue Archived
    11923 137th Street Largo, Florida - Largo
    I'm trying to find out what's going on with 137th being closed at Walsingham Road. It's been closed for over a week now, maybe two, and it doesn't look like anything is being worked on. Any idea what is going on and when it will reopen? Thank you!
  • Pothole Archived
    Anona Heights Dr & Eldon Dr Largo, FL, 33774, USA - Largo
    Pothole on Anona Heights at Eldon Drive (within Largo city limits in case you need to send this request over to the city of Largo)
  • Tree Issue Archived
    12901-12999 137th St N Largo, FL, 33774, USA - Largo
    137th st n and Wilcox
    On 137th st n on west side of street. several trees were planted, magnolia and oaks as part of a city of Largo beautification project. not only do these trees not compliment another they were planted in odd order that made no sense. now many of the oaks have died, been removed and replaced with some shrubs.this project has been and eyesore and embarrassment to the neighborhood.there is no beautification to this at all. please send out a city of Largo project manager with some degree of landscape design to re evaluate . its as though this street is just getting the left over trees from other projects that make no sense.and area needs to be mowed too.
  • 137th St N Largo FL 33774, United States - Largo
    West bound green lamp out