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potholes alley

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  • Heffner St Toledo, OH, 43605, USA - East Toledo
    Heffner St. in east Toledo is a disaster!! The whole entire street needs fixed!! Every year it gets minor patch work done and every year it continues to get worse. There is already a small barrel on top of a hole thats been sitting like that for weeks. This is a frequently used side street as well as a bus route, that could use immediate attention.
  • 354 Heffner St. Toledo, OH - East Toledo
    So, how long do we wait until this turns into a sinkhole? It's craters all down Heffner Street, due to Semi trucks and TARTA buses speeding and making the CRATERS WORSE. Get someone out here to take care of this before a car falls into the ground like it did on Detroit Avenue. We can HEAR cracks as we back in and out of our driveway, and if our car is damaged, I'm taking this to Fox News. Buses and trucks need to be prohibited from going down out street.
  • 324 Heffner - East Toledo
    Owner brought dogs back to address and they are there alone with no way to relieve themselves, no electricity, no gas, or no water. Contacted humane society, engaged Toledo, and canine cares. Was told nobody is in cruelty department until Monday. I know Lucas county Caine cares has an officer on call because my step father used to be a deputy dog warden. Please direct this to the right department so these dogs can get help!
  • 354 Heffner St. Toledo, OH - East Toledo
    Our street is full of deep potholes that have not been repaired. Several children play in this neighborhood and many residents have noticed that TARTA buses and semi's speed down our street, along with regular cars. There are no "children playing" signs, either. Please place speed bumps on our street before someone gets hurt.
  • 336 Heffner Street Toledo, Ohio - East Toledo
    Not only all this chuncks of concrete but 8 old tires in alley als overgrow weeds and trees very difficult getting to my garage
  • 340 Heffner Street Toledo, Ohio - East Toledo
    Dumped concrete in alley
  • 356 Heffner St. Toledo, Ohio - East Toledo
    I feel like the potholes will cause a long sinkhole someone needs to get out here quick those tarta buses are messing up the street the holes get deeper each day
  • 340 Heffner Street Toledo, Ohio - East Toledo
    Dumped tires in alley
  • Cyril Toledo, Ohio - East Toledo
    Large pot holes in alley making it difficult to drive down. Alley needs stone and to be graded.
    Kelsey/Dearborn between Heffner/Cyril alley (Kelsey 2000 block)
    Kelsey/Dearborn alley west of Cyril (Kelsey 1900 block)
  • Heffner St & Seamon St Toledo, Ohio - East Toledo
  • 354 Heffner St. Toledo, OH - East Toledo
    The entire street is horrible. DEEP, DANGEROUS Craters have formed all down the street, and they have yet to be filled. TARTA buses fly down the street, making the CRATERS deeper. It almost sounds like a warzone in front of our home when vehicles and buses hit the holes. Someone needs to fix these right away. I've already replaved three tires because the CRATERS block the entrance and exit of my driveway and neighbors across from my family. FIX THE CRATERS.