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  • Curb/Sidewalk Archived
    5424-5498 Alden St Shawnee, KS, 66216, USA - Shawnee
    The stretch of sidewalk from the Hidden Woods monument to the small creek bridge has many uneven surfaces which are causing residents to trip. One area of the sidewalk is smashed where a trash truck overturned in front of the monument and another is further down by the community mailbox.
  • 5813 Long Avenue Shawnee, Kansas - Shawnee
    There is a toxic neighbor on Long Avenue just north of Johnson Drive. The noise coming from the house is disturbing neighbors. Their dogs and cats run freely. Her back yard is a nightmare. It has to be breaking multiple codes. Many neighbors are afraid of the woman who lives there. She has cursed out neighbors and visitors. She is loads junk into her truck day and night making so much noise that we can't leave our doors open when it's nice outside. Even with doors and windows closed and the television volume turned up we still hear her. I personally have reported her dogs in my yard and even IN MY HOUSE multiple times. The police have been called repeatedly and nothing has been done.
  • Building Code Archived
    6300-6398 Payne St Shawnee, KS 66226, USA - Shawnee
    There is a house in our subdivision that appears to be building some sort of deck structure and a 16 foot wall? It's very large, ugly, and distracting.
  • 5050-5074 Quivira Dr Shawnee, KS 66216, USA - Shawnee
    So I'm looking at my yard and I see a squirrel and it decided to jump off a tree and fly well it died because when it Jumped it didn't fly instead it fell to the ground and hit a rock.
  • Odor Archived
    18721 West 64th Street Shawnee, Kansas - Shawnee
    The odor today from landfill is the worse it been in years. Odor is so strong in the air that it burns your eyes and nose. This cannot be healthy for our children or older adults. It is the city's responsibility to protect us from this kind of corporate abuse from the new owner of this landfill.
  • Other Acknowledged
    Frontage Road Shawnee, Kansas - Shawnee
    The pedestrian bridge over Clear Creek on Frontage Rd. needs guard rails at the approaches. The drop off is severe and many children cross the bridge on bicycles.
  • Other Archived
    5813 Long Avenue Shawnee, Kansas - Shawnee
    More junk brought to a yard already spilling over with junk. I recorded this van tearing up the yard and turning around in the driveway of a vacant house.
  • Curb/Sidewalk Archived
    8217-8247 Hedge Lane Ter Shawnee, KS, 66227, USA - Shawnee
    Hedge Lane Terrace from 83rd Street to 75th Street is often used for running and biking, however there are no sidewalks and almost no shoulder. I would like to formerly request a sidewalk or bike lane be installed for resident and driver safety.
  • 5421 Lakecrest Dr Shawnee, Kansas - Shawnee
    Resident does not remove their trash containers to "behind the building setback line" per city code. They leave their trash containers in plain site in front of their garage. Not a very nice site for Shawnee residents or potential residents or visitors. Please address as this has been going on for years.
  • 18610 W 64th St Shawnee, Kansas - Shawnee
    Smells like rotting meat.
  • 6603 Hauser Drive Shawnee, Kansas - Shawnee
    Resident behind the property is taking grass clippings and leaves and dumping them in the drainage channel.
  • 21223 W. 46th Terr Shawnee Ks - Shawnee
    Yard has not been mowed this year and looks absolutely terrible. Homeowners appears to have zero interest in getting their lawn cleaned up and is making the neighborhood look bad.