DANGEROUS crossing

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Dangerous crossing

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    28 Maple Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Dangerous crossing.
  • 209 Battery St Burlington VT 05401, United States - Burlington Electric
    The traffic signal is twisted 45 degrees on its post. The walk signal for crossing maple is visible while crossing battery, and several people have mistakenly walked into the intersection when the traffic is coming, thinking they had a signal to cross. Very dangerous !
  • Maple Street Burlington, VT - Burlington Electric
    I work on Battery Street near the intersection with Maple. Multiple times me and my co workers are yelled at by drivers while crossing at a green light toward Maple. (Yet if we crossed on a red - dangerous - those on Battery turning left onto Maple would be yelling.) It is obvious that Burlington drivers don't give pedestrians at crosswalks the first move, but I would like to see that area safer for the many pedestrians and runners who are crossing that intersection. The crosswalk lines need to be repainted in the spring/early summer, but I would also like to see a sign or reminder that there is a pedestrian crosswalk, and they need to wait for us to cross.