Crabtree Valley

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  • 4273-4289 Blue Ridge Road Raleigh, NC - Northwest
    Homeless are begging here without permits (both Raleigh & Wake County)
  • 5300-5398 Lead Mine Road Raleigh, NC 27612, USA - Raleigh Council District A
    Litter has been an issue along Lead Mine between Town and Country Rd and Millbrook. DOT or city (whomever manages) roadside landscape maintenance either rund trash over or kicks it further to the side. Please have someone come out and pick up
  • 3920 Arrow Drive Raleigh, NC - Glenwood
    There are a thousand hotel rooms at the Glenwood/Crabtree/Blue Ridge intersection and not 1 safe place for all these visitors to the Capital City to cross safely to one of NC's largest shopping malls and plethora of restaurants.
  • 4351 Lead Mine Road Raleigh North Carolina - Raleigh Council District A
    When driving south on Lead Mine crossing North Hills Drive, many drivers have trouble staying in their lane. The curve of the lanes could be smoothed out and the lines made more visible to reduce the probability of collisions.
  • Misskelly Raleigh, NC - Raleigh Council District A
    I understand this is a great cut through, but most people using it go 20+ mph over the speed limit (35 posted). With the new Harris Teeter coming, I'm afraid it is only going to get worse. Please patrol or add speed bumps. Many of the homes on this road have young children.
  • 4818 N Hills Dr Raleigh, North Carolina - Six Forks
    This house's yard is so overgrown you can't see the house. Has been reported multiple times but nothing has been done. Disgrace to neighborhood.
  • 5653 Leadmine Rd. Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District A
    VERY tall leaning pine tree in area prone to trees falling on power lines. ...Happened recently during Michael. There are several like this in this area. However, this one is leaning. Please be proactive and remove this one and others.
  • 4822 North Hills Dr Raleigh, North Carolina - Six Forks
    aband. house (15 yr) overgrown with weeds ,sidewalk blocked by bushes
  • 2247-2299 North Hills Drive Raleigh, North Carolina - Six Forks
    The Lead Mine/North Hills intersection is extremely problematic, and I have been in or witnessed countless near-misses here. Most people do not seem to understand the mapping of the lanes when either going southbound on Lead Mine, or when turning left from North Hills onto Lead Mine. It is very common for drivers not to follow the lane lines, causing them to swerve within the intersection to get into whatever lane they think they need to be in, and creating a hazard for other drivers. There are signs for each lane, showing where the lanes will flow into Glenwood or the Beltline, but these do not seem to be sufficient. The intersection needs better guidance, either through better signage or remapping of the lanes.
  • 4200 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, NC 27612, USA - Glenwood
    Tree down on Crabtree Greenway bridge
  • 4521-4543 Creedmoor Rd Raleigh, NC, 27612, USA - Northwest
    Timing for thru traffic inn creedmoor is short. It’s giving a left turn into the crabtree deck where there is no one waiting. Construction traffic seems to get the signal in their favor immediately now. Causing big backups on creedmoor and Glenwood yesterday evening and this morning for both commutes.
  • 2101 North Hills Drive Raleigh North Carolina - Six Forks

    This failure has returned after being patched again recently. The patch continues to sink after a few days.

    The failure is where the street was patched after recent maintenance activity that began on North Hills Drive close to Lead Mine Road.. The patch has failed and sunk 6 inches causing a severe bump when driving over it; I almost lost control of my car when I hit it this morning.