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White Oak Hills neighborhood

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  • 1584 Line Street Decatur Georgia - Belvedere Park

    There is a COMCAST line lasso tied to a creek overpass bumper.

    I know it is comcast bc I asked both at &t and ga power if it was theres and they will not claim resposibility.

    COMCAST needs to remove this cable that has been like this for over 2 years.

  • Trash Archived
    368 Candler Rd decatur, Georgia - Belvedere Park
    In front of Atlanta Preparatory Academy for the Arts and next to Wats Cracklin Crab: pile of miscellaneous trash not bagged, not collected for weeks
  • 3139 Alston Drive Decatur, Georgia - Belvedere Park
    3139 Alston Dr is a rental home on the corner of Alston Dr and Delano Dr. There does not appear to have renters living there at this time. There is a tree that is down in the backyard that leans over the fence into the adjacent street. This tree came down in the Fall, and there were renters in the home at the time. A neighbor cleared the street with their own tools, but the rest of the tree and the yard has been completely neglected. The weeds are over the fence and encroaching onto Delano Dr.