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  • NO TRASH CANS Archived
    3201-3249 Ryan Ave Philadelphia, PA - Mayfair
    There is a 2.5 mile stretch called the "loop" were their aren't any trash cans. I've contacted Boyle and Henon's office months ago and haven't been promised anything yet. We have the trash cans, just need someone in the "Streets Dept" to tell them to collect it.
  • 6300 Battersby St Philadelphia, PA - Mayfair
    A trianular grass park locked in by Harbison, Battersby and levick sts. The streets dept. has been using it non-stop as a parking lot for their construction vehicles and dumping large piles of rock, making it very dangerous for the children that play there and ripping up the grass, turning it into a mud parking lot.
  • Ryan And Rowland Streets Philadelphia, PA 19136, USA - Mayfair
    Please fix the leaning telephone pole on the corner of Ryan and Rowland. It is leaning and looks like it is going to snap. It is the corner of Lincoln HS>
  • Litter Acknowledged
    7551 Horrocks St. Philadelphia, PA 19152, USA - Rhawnhurst
    The Northeast Times scattered its papers throughout the neighborhood. They were thrown from a van (in violation of Section 3709 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code). The address listed is representative: You can see a sea of red plastic sleeves up and down Horrocks St. and on every connecting side street. They should be made to clean up this mess (or be fined $300/paper for violating the state littering law).
  • 7800 7900 Lexington Ave Philadelphia, PA - Rhawnhurst
    This road is a disaster....needs name it
    Worst road around here
  • RATS Archived
    I reported a multi family rat's nest in my yard under my shed. I have small children and a dog. The city will not come out until monday!
  • 3246 Princeton Ave Philadelphia, PA - Mayfair
    Back Yard - trash and other items spillling over into common driveway; small dog left out for extended periods barking in early am and late night. reported to 311 twice alreay.
  • Sandyford Ave Philadelphia, PA - Mayfair
    someone is dumping rolls, lettuce, tomatoes, etc by the woods
  • 3018 Disston Street Philadelphia, PA 19149, USA - Mayfair
    This house is an eyesore to the block - the stockade fence (illegal) takes up entire front yard. It is falling down and dilapidated. A large pool is now within the fence, but fence is open in front - no gate. So, there is no security for neighborhood children.
  • 7000- 6300 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19149, USA - Mayfair
    Frankford Ave between Princeton and Robbins is, for a major highway, a mess in terms of plowing and ice-removal.
  • Horrocks And Bleigh St 19152 Philadelphia, PA - Rhawnhurst
    Trucks parked on Bleigh at Horrocks (the site of Target, but the trucks are on the street, not in a lot) block the sight line for cars and people traveling along Horrocks St. These trucks should not be parked on the street! They were there over the weekend (different trucks). They make crossing Bleigh dangerous.
  • 6801 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19135, USA - Tacony
    Located at NE corner of Frankford Ave and Knorr St. This violates Phila Code 10-1200. Please remove this sign.