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  • 50-60 Trumbull St Hartford, CT - Downtown
    This is pretty much THE pedestrian gateway between the CBD and Bushnell Park. Like other heavily walked intersections in the city, this one needs an "ALL WALK" in the rotation. Instead you get stuck on a median!
    I tried emailing Raj Mathur in the Engineering Department regarding this matter directly, but got no response so re opening.
  • 60 Elm St Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    Need "stop for pedestrians" signs in crosswalks aroun Pulaski Circle, specifically on elm and Hudson. People coming off the circle treat those roads like runways and there are often people with children and dogs crossing to and from bushnell park
  • 699-727 Main St Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    This sidewalk hasnt been cleared since before the first storm. I reported this many days ago but cannot find the issue so I am resubmitting in case it didn't go through. This is a well traveled stretch of street as well as a major bus stop. Whether the church or city is responsible needs to be established and someone needs to keep this area safe for pedeatrians.
  • 52 Prospect St Hartford, CT 06103 - Downtown
    Prospect Street between Central Row and Grove is one way going south 6:00 AM until 9:00. Vehicles do a left turn on red onto Grove Street. Very dangerous as north bound vehicles on Prospect need to make right turn and are often cut off by those making a left turn on red.
  • Farmington Ave hartford , CT - Asylum Hill
    pot holes every few feet, and "repaired " road make it worse. Farmington ave is like a war zone, and I'm sure it's incredibly detrimental to all drivers cars. when repairs are made, to gas lines, sewer, man holes etc, it's incredibly unlevel, and I can feel my wallet getting lighter because I don't have 4 wheel drive, and you'd need it to regularly drive this street. I've gone through shocks, struts, breaks and tires in the last year.
  • 201-265 Highway 2 Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    There is a series of large potholes that are difficult to maneuver around coming from the Founder's Bridge onto Columbus.
  • Pothole Archived
    Columbus Blvd Hartford - Downtown
  • Noisy bird Archived
    2-98 Central Row Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown

    Some kind of bird atop either the Old State House or an adjacent building spends several hours each afternoon squawking VERY loudly. It's nice to have wildlife coexisting with humanity and all that, but this is a bit much. I can hear the %#$@ thing clearly inside my office a block away.

    If it isn't an endangered species, can Animal Control kindly remove this territorial critter to a better habitat?

  • Pratt St Hartford, CT - Downtown
    There is no bike parking on Pratt Street, even though its our city's most dense street. Let's not add just one bike rack, but a whole stable of racks so that more people will want to bike to the shops and restaurants on Pratt. New Haven just added a bike corral, let's do it too. http://www.newhavenindependent.org/index.php/archives/entry/bike_corral_debuts_downtown/
  • 59 69 Jewell St Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Downtown

    As much as I might believe that tetanus helps children build character, I'm pretty sure that 4 out of 5 mothers would disagree with me.

    There is a rather large, sharp, pointy, rusted out piece of equipment on the playground in Bushnell Park next to the carousel. Can we get this either repaired or covered? If not for the kiddies, at least so that the City does not end up getting sued. My taxes are high enough, thanks.

  • Bushnell Park Hartford, CT - Downtown
    There is black graffiti on the art installation that is in the pond
  • Whitman Court Hartford, CT - Downtown
    Whitman court needs plowing. Despite parking ban, plow only did middle of road. Cars parking in snow on side of street makes it almost impassable.