Stephen Murray, Coconut Grove Village Council

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Watching issues created after: 2010-02-22

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  • Us1 And Grand Ave - Coconut Grove
    There is not turning light here- the street light merely turns green. The street is angled and it a difficult turn to make because you cannot see clearly.
  • Coconut Grove Playhouse 33133 - North Coconut Grove
    Trash is being dumped under the sign designating Charles Ave as a historical site that is located behind the Coconut Grove Playhouse. The construction trash is being dumped on a weekly basis. The city comes to collect the trash, but the crane used to gather the trash has damaged the sign. A no dumping sign is required close by.
  • Lejeune & Ingraham Terrace - Coconut Grove
    For years the pavement at this intersection has been uneven causing light cars to lose control
  • 2930 Sw 30th Ct Miami FL 33133, USA - North Coconut Grove
    This is a narrow, one block street and cars go way too fast cutting through from US1 to Bird AV. There is also a sign stating "NO THRU TRUCKS" and it is consistently ignored by the Coca Cola truck, among others.
  • Charles Ave Miami, FL 33133, USA - South Coconut Grove
    Some drivers are speeding up and down Charles Ave. between Main Hwy and Hibiscus Street causing hazardous conditions for other drivers and pedestrians.
  • 4005 Loquat Ave Miami, FL 33133, USA - South Coconut Grove
  • 3686 Grand Ave. Miami, FL - South Coconut Grove
    This entire building looks terrible, paint peeling and faded. It's a shame that this is how we "take care" of our community. Let's hold our people accountable for what they own.
  • Oak And Plaza Miami, FL - South Coconut Grove
    This lot is overgrown to the point of blocking the sidewalk and it looks terrible. I have called both the owner and also code enforcement. Nothing has been done.
  • Corner Of Loquat Ave And Plaza Street Miami, FL - South Coconut Grove
    Trash is dumped throughout the week on the city-owned property next to the brick pathway. Needs a "no-dumping" sign. Rest of neighborhood needs trash monitoring as many trash piles can be found daily throughout our neighborhood.
  • 1 Samana Dr Miami, FL 33133, USA - North Coconut Grove
    We need a crossing signal for pedestrians and bikers at Samana Dr. and S. Miami Ave. near Viscaya. The light doesn't change unless a car is in the intersection on Santana, and so lots of bikers and walkers are crossing S. Miami Ave. against the light rather than wait indefinitely.
  • 5708 San Vicente Coral Gables FL 33146 - Coral Gables
    The light is out at the pole on the corner of San Vicente Street and Luenga Ave.
  • 2640 South Bayshore Drive Miami, Florida - North Coconut Grove
    Cross walk lighting is not working. Signage is also blocked by trees/shrubs and cannot been seen by motorists