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  • pothole Archived
    Old Westham @Cherokee Rd Richmond, VA - Southampton
    Please investigate this location at this location
  • Huguenot Rd & Chippenham Richmond, VA - Southampton
  • Potholes Archived
    4220 N Huguenot Rd Richmond, Virginia - Southampton
    Large long Pothole on northbound Huguenot just before the Huguenot bridge. This Pothole blew out my drivers front tire.
  • 4019 Collingbourne Rd Richmond, VA 23235, USA - Southampton
    Please fix immediately because it's a major hazard at the intersection turning onto a busy street. Thanks..
  • Near 8524 Waxford Road Richmond, VA - Southampton
    There is a wide, large (1-2ft wide) pothole in the middle of Waxford Road, near house #8524. It seems to be getting bigger and needs to be fixed. Thank you so much for your help.
  • Other Archived
    8524 Arran Road Richmond, Virginia - Southampton

    Drainage ditch in front of 8524 Arran Rd, Richmond VA 23235 is deteriorating, resulting in the slow continual collapse of the road as well as the loss of front yard. A significant amount of the front edge of my yard has drained downhill and is now located in my next door neighbors yard and we would like it back. I have complained to the city about this for 3 years. They (city) come out and cut away more of my property every year resulting in a dangerously deep ditch. We use to be able to walk across the ditch but not anymore. We requested last year a permanent resolution to this problem such as concrete or asphalt and was declined. Please respond, as our land plot is gradually decreasing but our property tax is not.

    Thank You,

  • 4025 Southampton Rd Richmond, Virginia - Southampton
    All ditches along the 4000 block of Southampton need to be cleared and cleaned out. Due to several water main breaks and flooding over the last two years the ditch in front of 4057 Southampton is clogged and the ditch between 4025 and 4015 is clogged and full of vegitation. Please have the entire block inspected and cleared so water runoff flows correctly. Thank you
  • Huguenot Rd Richmond, Virginia - Southampton

    Huguenot Rd just south of Waxford Rd in the north travel lane

    One of the worst potholes you will ever hit.

    Where is mayor Stoney???????

  • 8501-8531 Cherokee Rd Richmond, VA 23235, USA - Southampton
    Thanks Mr. City Of Richmond Mayor for promises unkept. Hmm, maybe we should all set up for our yearly taxes to set in escrow until your office can get it together to fix things in the City of Richmond where we pay those taxes live in where we should not have to be reporting this at all. You should know to come out and fix this since the city decided to design this eye sore initially. No wonder people live the city because of this kind of thing!! Taxes to fix Nothing!!
  • 4019 Collingbourne Road Richmond, VA 23235, USA - Southampton
  • 4019 Collingbourne Rd Richmond, VA - Southampton
    Yard debris in ditch in front of house
  • Potholes Archived
    Cherokee Road Richmond, Virginia - Southampton
    Dangerous potholes on Cherokee between Huguenot Road and Forest Hill Ave.