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  • 3845 Pennsylvania Ave Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Hillcrest
    Please have MPD monitor the Fairfax village shopping center for loiterers from 3-7pm during the week in front of the liquor store and Papa John's.
  • Pennsylvania Ave Se Washington, DC - Hillcrest
    Not sufficient amount of green light time for west bound traffice. The new traffic lights at Pennsylvania and Branch Aves allow for too much turn arrow only time. There is rarely cars in either turn lane, but, the turn only light comes on regardless of car presence thus shortening the time for straight through traffice which amounts to approx 5 cars making it through the light. On the other hand at the same light intersection probably 10 to 18 cars can usually make it through the light from Branch Ave turning left onto Pennsylvania Ave headed into town. This causes a backup of traffic flowing westbound on Pennsylvania Ave. This is a major problem during AM rush hour.
  • 30th & Erie Sts SE, Washington D.C., DC - Hillcrest
    Okay, this isn't Rocket Science DC DPW. The #30 Metrobuses have knocked down that yellow "STOP FOR PEDESTRIANS IN CROSSWALK" sign that was placed in the middle of the street. As a result, the post that the sign was connected to is protruding from the asphalt at least 5inches or more! This can easily deflate/puncture any type of automobile tire, and even those big Metrobus tires can roll over it and be punctured. Dig that thing up and get it out of the way!!!!!
  • 2821 Texas Ave Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Hillcrest
    Haven't seen a plow yet. I have been waiting need to get to work asap
  • CLOSED Archived
    3715 Alabama Ave Se Wash., DC 20020 - Hillcrest
    Closed-Vagrant sleeping on steps behind the townhouses at 3715 A & B, Alabama Ave., SE. Black male, red jacket, white sneaker. My realtor & I have witnessed twice since last week. Realtor unsuccessfully attempted to wake him. Please ATP this.
  • 2711 Fort Baker Drive Southeast Washington, DC 20020, USA - Hillcrest

    Please shovel the walk of 2711 Fort Baker Drive SE. We don't have a shovel.


  • 3000 Block Of V Place And 2000 Block Of 30th Streets SE, Washington, District of Columbia - Hillcrest

    No Sidewalks, curbs, gutters exist on the 3000 Block of V Place, 2000 Block of 30th street SE. The two streets intersect at a dangerous 40ft ravine, that is a part of Alger Park sidewalks on the 3,000 block of V place, SE. For nearly 4 years, neighbors have tried to get City officials to address this issue especially the erosion to these streets and private property resulting from the ravine.
    Nearly a year ago, representatives from DDOT conducted a walk through of the 3000 Block of V Place, SE and the 2000 block of 30th Street to determine the condition of these streets and the need for curbs, gutters and sidewalks. The follow-up report and photos from DDOT exposed the following:
    1. The poor conditions of the streets to carry storm water runoff to a safe outlet.
    2. The storm water drainage issue should be reported to DPW along with a request for an inlet/outlet drainage system.
    3. Both sides of the 3000 block of “V” Place are approximate 150 FT. The northeast corner of “V” Place at 30th Street is about 50 FT., between 30” to 36” slope, and the storm water drainage collection system is non-existent in this area.
    4. At the 30th Street side of the north east corner at “V” Place, the asphalt on both sides of “V” Place and the curb is missing or in very poor condition. This block was identified as a candidate for a resurfacing design upgrade.
    5. The driveway south side of the 3000 Block of “V” Place is in poor condition.
    The report concluded that a request would be made to DPW for a resurfacing design to include sidewalks, curbs and gutters for the 3000 block of “V” Place, S.E. and the 2000 block of
    30th Street; Asset Management should place this request on their design/construction schedule.

  • 2101 28th St Se Washington, District of Columbia - Hillcrest
    This particular street is always forgotten about no one can ever get out of the block im afraid I will have 2 return 2 work and my street still wont be clear. Please help. A truck came 2day and because it was so much snow the truck got stuck, backed up and drove away.
  • Street Repair Archived
    2908 Alabama Ave Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Hillcrest
    The south end of the 2900 block of Akron Place,SE WDC 20020, there is a dead-end with a dilapidated barricade. This area needs cleaning and a new barricade constructed.
  • 3501-3599 Pennsylvania Ave Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Hillcrest
    railing on bike/ped path damaged
  • 3005 Hillcrest Dr Se Washington, District of Columbia - Hillcrest
    There is a speed camera on Hillcrest Drive SE which has helped control traffic speed of cars going DOWN the hill but traffic speed of cars coming up the hill us still very bad. This problem is not restricted to rush hour times but is all day and getting worse. Drivers know they can get away with speeding on Hillcrest Drive and continue to use this street to avoid Branch Avenue getting to Alabama Avenue . Hillcrest Drive needs speed bumps. There are speed bumps on 28th Street which leads to Hillcrest and other hilly streets in the area have bumps(Park "Drive, Suitland Road) .. The white strips on our street do nothing to slow traffic and just add disturbing noise as cars speed over them. They are a waste of time and money and are unsightly as well. Please consider putting speed bumps on Hillcrest Drive.
  • Vacant Lot Archived
    2250 38th Street Se Washington D.C., DC - Hillcrest
    For over 2 years I've been trying to get this property cleaned up. The developer ran out of money so for 3 years we've been left with a foundation, a construction fence, and an unmaintained lot.