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  • Sterling, VA - Sterling
    The commute from Loudoun Co. to Montgomery Co is a huge a headache. Why do we have to make a huge U turn (I-267, I-495, I-270) to get to a County that is literally less than 10 miles away across the Potomac River? When traveling south on I-495 from MD in the evening most of the traffic is to enter I-267. We need to build a bridge connecting both counties to ease the traffic on the beltway. Heck it can be a toll road for all I care. I'd pay the toll.
  • 22001 Loudoun County Pkwy Ashburn, VA 20148, USA - Loudoun County
    The speed limit on Loudoun County Parkway is 45MPH except for about two tenths of a mile in front of The entrance to Redskins Park. There is no pedestrian traffic at this location and only a few cars leave Redskin Park. It does not make good sense to lower the speed limit 20 MPH for just a very short distance in the absence of any pressing need.
  • 724 North Argonne Avenue Sterling, VA 20164, USA - Sterling

    Need assistance shoveling drive and walkway to driveway.


  • 20077 Crew Square ashburn, virginia - Loudoun County

    Townhouse with side walk and car parking spots


  • 22080-22096 Vantage Pointe Pl Ashburn, VA 20148, USA - Loudoun County
    Claude Moore Dr is a completed 4 lane divided highway connecting Wynridge Dr and Old Ryan Road. The street has been completed for over a year but remains closed for no apparent reason.
  • Dulles International Airport Sterling, VA - Loudoun County
    The new train system at Dulles Airport has a terrible-sounding computer-voice announcement system. The accent and cadence of the "voice" is awful; it is not standard American English. It is unwelcoming to non-English speaking visitors and is also a bad reflection of our technology. Why can't the system have pleasant-sounding human voice(s)?
  • 1404 S King St Leesburg, VA 20175, USA - Leesburg

    Four roads merge into v shaped stop sign. Road is too narrow. Right turn from northbound 15 is very dangerous. Left turn from Monroe St. Also very dangerous as traffic from 15 travels at 50mph plus.

    Widening of RT15 and repaving has made this intersection even worse.

  • Longacre Dr South Riding , VA - Loudoun County
    Many dog owner's insist on using other neighbors property and not cleaning up behing their pets. Most areas have special dog walk sections. Many people walk past those areas and use the front yards of other neighbors. Most are not aware of the term curb your dog. For instance I found a neighbor as far up as my front door allowing her pet to deficate on my imaculate lawn
  • Leaving Dulles Airport Dulles, VA - Loudoun County
    Leaving a major metropolitan airport, one would expect there to be a sign showing drivers the way to 267 EAST, the toll road that takes them through Northern Virginia suburbs towards the beltway. Instead, the only signs leaving Dulles point the way to 495 - no mention of the toll road or any of the cities inbetween - or to 267 WEST (Toll road towards Leesburg). PLEASE fix this so all my out of town business associates and friends can find their way!
  • Belmont Ridge Road Ashburn, VA - Loudoun County
    If you drive south on Belmont Ridge Rd toward Rt 267, the sign for the 267 eastbound entrance ramp are shaded, small and inconspicous, and the exit itself is poorly lit. I regularly witness traffic u-turning to return to the ramp after passing it. The u-turn is dangerous and inconvenient. Please VDOT, get some signs up! (the same problem may apply approaching from the south, heading north also, I haven't noticed).
  • 39249 John Mosby Highway aldie, Virginia - Loudoun County
    Street light is out - has been out since the last wind storm.
  • 23947 23979 U.S. 15 Loudoun County, VA - Loudoun County
    Overgrown shrubbery on West side of US 15 North of Old Carolina Road blocks view of Southbound US 15 vehicles for vehicles attempting to exit onto Rt 15 from Old Carolina Road.