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  • 11419 Cosca Park Place Clinton, Maryland - Clinton
    Its important to find a way to control gun violence because its to many young people living and dying by the gun when it doesn't has to be that way we need to just ban guns or just get all the illegal ones off the streets sometimes people feel they need one for protection because you may never know what you going end up in or what comes your way. Things to help the situation, the whole community needs to be involved, protest, raising awareness, community meetings and things like that.Research i did is that Prince George’s County Project Safe Neighborhood program involves partners from the State Attorney’s Office for Prince George’s County, Maryland Parole and Probation, Prince George’s County Police Department, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and the University of Maryland's Institute for Governmental Service and Research to effectively address gun crime at every level of the criminal and judicial system. The County’s Project Safe Neighborhood approach works with established strategies of crime control and prevention such as Project EXILE, Violent Repeat Offenders list, Maryland Gun Center initiative and the Gun Offender Registry to name a few.
    "According to the FBI, the violent crime rate has risen by nearly seven percent over the past two years, and the homicide rate has risen by more than 20 percent. Solutions i thought of Put PG county on lock down for a couple days to get rid of guns do home searches and all if they are not registered take them away don't lock anyone up though , Do traffic stops to search peoples cars to find guns if they are not legal take them away.
    doing searches approved searches to find all illegal guns. A long term goal is just to ban guns period. Everyone just need a job giving felons opportunity's to get a job because a gun can get you alot of things if you cant get a job also the same for people who have a hard life that gotta get it by any means necessary so they need someone to guide them to the right path.
  • 8507 Branchwood Circle clinton, MD - Clinton
    This light outtage has been reported twice and nothing has been done.
  • 8408 Joan Place Clinton, MD - Clinton
    For years, the homes on Joan Place have had water constantly running from their yards into the street, enough to fill a medium sized lake!!! The county needs to look into this immediatley, before they look to increase property taxes again and they are being negligent regarding waste!
  • Killarney St & Harry St clinton, MD - Clinton
    The streetlight at the intersection of Killarney St & Harry St is not working. The streetlight has not worked since January.
  • 10907 Sir Paul Clinton, Maryland - Clinton
    Removal of paint/graffie stains in the street at the entrance of Woodburn estates and Sir Woodburn Way, Clinton, Md.
    Cross Streets are Piscatway and Tippett Rd off of route 5 (Branch, Ave). It's been existing for there for a number of months. Thank you!
  • 5905 Butterfield Dr Clinton, MD 20735, USA - Clinton
    damaged street light
  • Snow Removal Archived
    5405 San Juan Dr Clinton, Maryland - Clinton
    Need street plowed or Treated by Tue AM
  • 5905-5907 Bost Lane Clinton, Maryland - Clinton
    There is a fire hydrant on the corner of Bost Lane and Chad Way that is open and is currently spewing water into the street. Please address, thanks.
  • 7710 Tinkers Creek Drive Clinton, MD - Clinton
    Street light located between 7710 and 7712 Tinkers Creek Drive in Clinton not working.