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The Oakland Journal is community journalism at its best. A social enterprise serving the borough of Oakland, NJ in northern Bergen County.

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  • 29-99 Skyline Dr Oakland, NJ 07436, USA - Oakland
    The 287 exit ramp onto Skyline Drive in Oakland is falling apart. The seams, potholes, general surface of the roadway are miserable. WHY didn't they pave the off-ramp when they paved 287 in that section? Watch out, you'll ruin your rims if you hit one of the many holes.
  • 6-16 Franklin Ave Oakland, NJ 07436, USA - Oakland
    Either fix it, or tear it down! This landmark historic building eyesore is a disgrace to Oakland, Bergen County Freeholders, the Mayor and Council who pour Green Acre funds into the mountains while this structure rots. Either fix it, or tear it down.
  • 9-11 Princeton Terrace Oakland, NJ 07436, USA - Oakland
    Is the law no parking on ANY street in Oakland from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. a law, or a suggestion? Cars park on the streets in the college section every night, not just at this location. Why is this OK?
  • Oakland NJ 07436, USA - Oakland
    On a recent visit back to our hometown for our IHHS reunion, many classmates noticed the changed scene in downtown Oakland. Long gone are the tree-lined streets and Railway station, in fact, there is very little greenery in the downtown area. That said, just think if you could duplicate the Railway Station and bring passenger service back to Oakland, and turn that blank lot into something attractive and serviceable to the Oakland community. Take down the dying pine tree by the tracks, and replace it with a new blue spruce for holiday lighting. Re-do sidewalks to pavers and add some small roadside trees in the center of town. It would be a huge improvement from all the "gray" parking lots in the center of town.
  • 7 Dartmouth Way Oakland, NJ 07436, USA - Oakland
    Residents are not properly securing their recycling put out for Wednesday pick-ups. Invariably, there is garbage cans knocked over and items blown all over, where they remain, get run over, and left on the streets. Whether it's newspapers, cardboard, or glass bottles, residents are littering when they don't secure their trash. And it's not just this location, it's all over town, and it's disgraceful. The Mayor and Council need to take charge of this issue and pass and ordinance that residents secure there garbage on recycling day, or be fined for littering, period.
  • Skyline Drive & West Oakland Ave - Oakland
    Tire flattening potholes off ramp up Skyline Drive and at bottom of Skyline Drive onto West Oakland Avenue
  • 163 W Oakland Ave Oakland, NJ 07436, USA - Oakland
    Traffic signal at Skyline Drive and West Oakland Avenue cycling continuously even when no vehicles have arrived at detection zone on West Oakland Avenue. Causing unnecessary delays on Skyline Drive.