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Owners and Residents on Park Road

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  • 3212-3216 14th St Nw Washington D.C., DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights
    The pedestrian signals at this corner have been terrible ever since 14th st. was redone. People almost NEVER obey the pedestrian signals because there is often a "no walk" signal when it would be fine to cross. For example, there is a no walk signal when you are trying to go east/west across 14th at Kenyon even when the only cars with a green light are coming west on Park, where they are forced to make a right turn and head north on park. Pedestrians should be able to cross. Additionally, when the light for north/south traffic on 14th is green the pedestrian signal to cross over Kenyon street is "no walk" for the majority of the time, even though that is one way traffic. It doesn't make sense at all and pedestrians have quickly figured that out. No one trusts the signals and so they go whenever they want. I've seen people almost get hit or hold up traffic on multiple occasions. These signals need to be revised!
  • 2500 Georgia Ave Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Columbia Heights
    Neither one of the two diving boards at Banneker pool are working.
    Pool management said they don't have any idea when the diving boards will be fixed.
  • 1020 Girard St Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Columbia Heights
    Add a 4 way stop at 11th and girard please!
  • Vagrancy Archived
    3241 14th Street Nw Washington, DC - Columbia Heights
    The Columbia Heights Plaza has about 3-4 vagrants living there 24 x 7! A couple of these gentlemen are long-term fellows know to the police. They are intoxicated, We need a sustainable solution for them--and residents!
  • 1101 Fairmont St Nw Washington, District of Columbia - Columbia Heights

    On 11th Street NW, from Euclid Street through Girard Street NW, there is an infestation of beetles/cockroaches. It's mainly evident in the evening hours and it's not uncommon to hear crunching noises from walking on the public side walks.

    I would be happy to take photos or provide additional evidence.

  • Rat Abatement Archived
    1342 Meridian Pl Nw Washington, DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights
    The garage in the rear of this home has not been visited by the owner in years. Not only is it a magnet for trash and dumping, it houses the majority of our rampant alley rat population. It needs to be excessively baited and cleared-out. I am asking DPW & DOH to get involved and cite the owner - Jim Middleton - until the problem is resolved.
  • 1551 W St Nw Washington, DC 20009 - Meridian Hill
    The brick sidewalk on the north side of W Street just south of Meridian Hill Park apparently hasn't been weeded for years. Perhaps 1/3 to 1/4 of the sidewalk is visible... presenting difficulties for anyone trying to use the one foot wide walkable area. The rest is covered in grass.
  • 3020 14th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Columbia Heights
    YES - loitering vagrants in front of 3020 14th st NW - 15-20 persons between 7am - 12 midnight constantly litter, dump, urinate, and defecate in the alley.
  • 3408-3418 14th St Nw Washington D.C., DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights
    Driving to work on Thursday morning, I was surprised to find multiple cars being pulled over on both sides of 14th street by a very rude female traffic officer. It clearly appeared that the MPD traffic officers were pulling as many people over to administer for dubious "violations" in order to fill their quota due to the impending government shutdown. I was fined for a "seat belt regulation" for no reason. I was simply told to pull over and was fined $50. When asked to hand over my registration and proof of insurance, I was told that the printout of the online registration was invalid and that I should be fined $500, despite having an up-to-date and valid registration and insurance policy printout. Currently, USAA emails the insurance policy card. However, I was told this would be a $500 fine. When I asked why I was being fined for a "seat belt regulation" when I in fact had my seat belt on, I was told "Just answer me this, do you want me to fine you $500 in addition?" I felt like I was being treated like an innocent person in a place like Sudan or the Congo, where people are stopped routinely by "officers" for "fines" just to line their pockets. Perhaps I am assuming too much, but when 5 other cars are stopped at the same time during rush hour on a busy street in the midst of a looming government shutdown, the actions of these officers are suspect. Furthermore, their blatantly rude behavior (one officer looking on just laughed at the situation) is appalling.
  • 1467-1499 Irving Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Columbia Heights
    The tree roots have severely displaced the sidewalk here, bumping it up to create a serious tripping hazard and potential ADA issue.
  • 1300 Block Of Belmont St Nw Washington, DC - Meridian Hill
    this block is full of potholes and loose gravel, much worse than other blocks around, would be great to see it paved
  • Rat Abatement Archived
    764 Columbia Road Northwest Washington, DC 20001, USA - Columbia Heights
    Spotted a rats nest under our front porch. Approx 10-20 rats including young rats. Rats also a major problem in back alley and back porch.