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  • 1001-1003 8th St Ne Washington Dc 20002 USA - Capitol Hill
    Please review intersection and install stop signs on 8th St NE at West Virginia Ave NE
  • Rat Abatement Archived
    727 12th Street Northeast Washington, DC 20002, USA - Capitol Hill
    I live at 721 12th Street NE. Rats are coming from the alley between H Street and Linden, through several backyards and into my backyard (on the corner of 12th and Linden). Rats are chewing through my fence to get into the backyard.
  • 701 Kentucky Avenue Southeast Washington, District of Columbia - Stadium-Armory
    Vehicles traveling east on Potomac Ave SE continually run the red light at Kentucky Ave SE. Often 2 or 3 cars will go through the light after it has already turned red. Unsafe for pedestrians walking north and south on Kentucky Ave SE, and for cars heading north on Kentucky Ave once the light turns green. This is a particular problem during the morning and afternoon/evening rush hours.
  • U.S. 1 Alt Washington D.C., DC 20002, USA - Capitol Hill
    The area has multiple signs indicating pedestrians have the right of way at the crosswalks but drivers ignore the signs and the law. Drivers continue to speed through this intersection whether there are people attempting or waiting to cross the street. Is there a way to up enforcement? Or install a stop sign to slow down drivers?
  • 212 Constitution Ave Nw Washington, DC 20004 - Downtown

    When going northbound in the I-395 tunnel, the Mass Ave exit splits off before you can read the highway signs telling you about the exit.

    They're mounted too high and too far off.

    This leads to a lot of last-minute swerves from drivers inadvertently heading towards NY Ave.

    Note: map is totally wrong

  • 701 Massachusetts Ave Ne Washington, DC - Capitol Hill
    The intersections of Mass Ave, Constitution and 7th streets have no pedestrian signals and heavy traffic during school opening and closure times. Pedestrians cannot easily tell whether it is safe to cross at this multiple junction intersection with complicated traffic patterns.
  • 1-99 G St Ne Washington, DC 20212, USA - Capitol Hill

    There is a crosswalk here (actually, 3, as it's an intersection), and it is HEAVILY used by commuters coming and going from Union Station. Often, drivers don't stop, or do but then drive quickly through crosswalks regardless of whether there is someone in there.

    There either needs to be a stoplight there, or there need to be BIG "Drivers MUST yield to pedestrians" signs.

  • Speeding Archived
    Tennessee Ave Ne Washington, DC 20002 - Capitol Hill
    Tennessee is five blocks long, and there are three public schools on it. The speed limit is ignored, and a child will get hit soon if no enforcement is done!
  • Columbus Monument Dr Nw Washington, DC - Capitol Hill
    There is no safe passage for cyclists coming from Capital Hill to the new bike station at Union Station. Need segregated lanes passing to the station: traffic here is extremely dangerous and congested.
  • 545 M St Se Washington, DC - Capitol Hill
    A depression in the road between several manholes collects and retains water no matter the weather conditions. Passing motorists drive through the water and end up spraying people on the sidewalk. Pedestrians often have to stop and wait for cars to pass before walking past. The attached image shows the location of the defect next to the curb on the eastbound side of M St SE in front of the white part of the Navy Yard brick wall.
  • Sign New Acknowledged
    701 12th St Se Washington, DC 20003, USA - Capitol Hill
    The corner of 12th and G St SE needs to be a four way stop. Drivers speed up and down 12th St SE, and almost hit pedestrians in the crosswalk. Cars driving east on G St SE can not see vehicles driving south on 12th St SE.
  • Alley Repair Archived
    1326 Independence Ave Se Washington, DC 20003, USA - Capitol Hill
    There are two connecting alleys that need repair. One runs between the 1300 block of Independence SE and the 1300 block of Massachusetts SE. The other runs behind the houses on the 1300 block of these streets. Both alleys have a mixture of brick and concrete, with uneven surfaces and grass growing in various places. Rather than a piecemeal repair, I would like to see both alleys completely resurfaced as part of one of the alley paloozas.