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  • 2339 Mac Arthur Rd Waukesha, WI 53188, USA - Waukesha
    This road is all torn apart and and is really bummpy. When you get off of highway TT you have to dodge the cracks and swerve all over the road. There are times when you are on the other side of the road so you dont hit a huge pot hole.
    Down the road are railroad tracks and they need to be fixed. They are above the ground and people are going to ruin there car when they go over them.
  • 326 Darlene Drive Waukesha, WI - Waukesha
    road is bad many potholes
  • 141 W North St Waukesha, WI 53188, USA - Waukesha
    West North Ave in Waukesha, the road to Waukesha Memorial Hospital, is widely used by area Fire Dept. Ambulances. In an emergency, the last thing we need is to drive over roads so bumpy that it hinders patient care. Going slower actually makes the ride worse. We need to get this fixed ASAP. It has been like this for too long and it's only getting worse.
  • 1319 Camden Way Waukesha, WI - Waukesha

    The sidewalk/path leads from Camden Way to the Heyer park bike path. The area between the buildings has a huge hole that is filled with water or ice year round. You can see the water hole on google map. Further up, the asphalt is crumbling. It's never properly plowed in the winter. I have tried contacting the city and Alderman Kathleen Cummings (kcummings@ci.waukesha.wi.us) to no avail.
    UPDATE: On 12/22/11 I sent a link of this page to Mayor Scott Lau. The mayor forwarded it to Alderman Cummings and asked her to respond and also to "circle back" to him. I received a voicemail from the alderman stating she would bring this issue up at the next council meeting. I have heard nothing since.

    Update: I sent an email to Mayor Lau and Alderman Cummings on 1/16/12:
    "Alderman Cummings called me on Dec 22, 2011 and left a voicemail that she would bring up this issue at her next meeting. Does anyone know the status? Also, the path has not been cleared of snow properly (It never is). They have someone hired to plow but the snow gets piled up across the path. This is how it has been since I moved here in January 2000." As of 1/21/12 no response.

    Still no reponse as of 2/3/12 so I emailed the mayor, alderman and the public works director: "Will someone please respond? Is there a way to get them to clear snow and ice? Is this being addressed at all?"

    Here is the response to the alderman's request for investigation:

    TO: Alderman Kathleen Cummings

    Copy:Mayor Scrima
    Interim City Administrator & Community Development Director Steve Crandell

    FROM:Fred Abadi, Ph.D., P.E., Director of Public Works

    SUBJECT:1319 Camden Way Sidewalk

    DATE:February 2, 2012

    As I indicated to you, the sidewalk through the property at 1319 Camden Way and the pathway in the back of the building are private sidewalk/pathway and not subject to inspection by the Department of Public Works.
    The Department does not have the authority to order the property owner to fix the sidewalk or the pathway.

    According to the Community Planning Department, the sidewalk and pathway are not subject to inspection by the Building Inspection. The Community Planning/Building Inspection does not have the authority to order the property owner to fix the sidewalk or the pathway.

    Please let me know, if you have any question.

    So it is not a public path, but a private path connecting a public path and a sidewalk. I will continue trying to get this resolved but since the part that needs the most repair is subject to no one, I'm not sure how to get it fixed. I wonder what they were thinking when this was built.

    I will continue researching.

    UPDATE DECEMBER 3, 2012:

    They finally filled in the hole with concrete! Sloppy job, but at least it's no longer a stinking cess pool and won't be an ice patch this winter! Maybe they'll even plow it...

    Thanks for your votes!

  • 310 Merrill Hills Rd Waukesha, WI 53188, USA - Waukesha
    People are showing frustration with the stop sign at TT & Madison, especially southbound. Twice I've seen people roll it at low traffic times above 25mph (from a 45). They are acknowledging it's obvious existence but refusing to stop. Drivers regularly take 2-3 cars at a time during peak periods which does expedite traffic flow, but causes havoc when traffic on Madison approaches or a person wishes to turn left through the flow.
  • 2501 Emslie Dr Waukesha, WI 53188, USA - Waukesha
    water collects excessively
  • Northview And Grandview Waukesha, WI - Waukesha
    northeast corner of northview and grandview street is deteriorated.
  • Camden Way Waukesha, Wisconsin - Waukesha
    Several cracks across the road are dips getting deeper and in places turning into potholes. No repairs since I've moved here in 1999.
  • 521 W Sunset Dr Waukesha, WI 53189, USA - Waukesha
    Eastbound Sunset from the tracks to West Avenue is nearly impassible, especially in the right lane. Sudden lane changes to avoid the spot by drivers going 5mph has caused near misses.
  • 412 E St Paul Ave Waukesha, WI - Waukesha
    The road is incredibly rough on St Paul through the corridor from Wisconsin ave to Moreland
  • 337 477 W St Paul Ave Waukesha, WI - Waukesha
    There's a horrible pothole northeast-bound in the right lane just after the intersection of north/Wisc ave. The rough road is bad through to Moreland and is causing huge disparity in speeds between cautious drivers and reckless ones 15mph to 40mph in a 25mph zone. Honking and swerving has become the norm as drivers irritations are high.
  • W Bluemound Rd Waukesha, WI, 53186, USA - Waukesha

    Please fix the pothole next to Sam's club & Majestic Movie theater. The pothole/bump in the road is very big and feels like your axle is going to fall off when riding over. It's in a spot that is hard to avoid, if you avoid it, you end up merging into the oncoming lane.

    Please fix ASAP