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  • 3300 3494 Stony Point Rd Richmond, VA - Huguenot
    This problem was eventually resolved by a private citizen after months of unresponsiveness on the part of the City of Richmond.
  • 9300-9340 Stony Point Road Richmond, Virginia - Huguenot
    There is a very large pot hole/drop off on the right side of Stony Point Road between Evansway and Forest Hill that fills with water. People move left to avoid this (especially when it's full of water), but it's where the road splits going towards Huguenot so not much room to avoid. I have been splashed with the water from this hole when walking on the sidewalk. It needs to be properly fixed to avoid accidents and splashing pedestrians when full of water.
  • 9600-9630 Fernleigh Dr Richmond, VA 23235, USA - Huguenot
    Screens, misc
  • Potholes Archived
    3735 Hastings Dr richmond, va - Huguenot
    LOTS of pot holes on Evansway Ln and Stony Point Rd in this neighborhood.
  • 3210 Shoreham Drive Richmond, Virginia - Huguenot
    Not specific to this address but there have been no signs or collection of leaves throughout the Huguenot Area! Is the City composting the leaves along the streets?
  • City Pond Archived
    3530 Cheyenne Road Richmond, Virginia - Huguenot
    The pond located behind the house on City-owned property has suddenly and drastically drained. We are concerned about the effect on the fish and turtles in the pond and concerned about declining property values if the pond drains completely.
  • 3701 Garden Rd Richmond, Virginia - Huguenot
    The campus of JB Fisher Elementary school has not been mowed and recent rains have made weeds and some grass very high.
  • 10250 Gwynnbrook Road Richmond, VA - Huguenot
  • Potholes Archived
    Stony Point To Evansway To Cedar Grove Richmond, Virginia - Huguenot
    POTHOLES! One right after another. There is no way of avoiding them, unless you straddle the lines.
    This whole stretch needs to be repaved. Not patched.
  • deep potholes Archived
    2900 Westgate Richmond, Virginia - Huguenot
    Deep potholes on right side of road traveling from Huguenot to Evansway lane. Someone will have car or tire damage. Deep hole has been there before the snow
  • Large Pothole Archived
    Westgate Dr Richmond, VA - Huguenot
    citizen reporting multiple potholes
  • Potholes Archived
    Forest Hill Ave. West Of Huguenot Rd. Richmond, VA - Huguenot
    Several potholes on Forest Hill west of Huguenot Rd