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  • 429 West Maple Road Clawson, Michigan - Clawson
    Car parked on Easement
  • 903 West Maple Road Clawson, Michigan - Clawson
    The brick paver sidewalk approach is buckled and the bricks are popping up, creating a trip hazard.
  • 1100-1198 North Bywood Avenue Clawson, Michigan - Clawson
    City Park parking spaces (far corner on Bywood) being uses for residence to store there vehicles. There is always a antique car under a tarp/cover and a motorcycle. Why is this allowed?
  • Parks Acknowledged
    1099 North Custer Avenue Clawson Skate Area, Michigan - Clawson
    Skateboarders are individuals, (boarding is not a team sport) just the nature of the activity. The boarders, seem to be receiving poor influence from outsiders. A rebellion of sorts.
    The custodians, their jobs, being made harder. on top of it are being mistreated. The Issue, previously recorded, in this forum, was about the Rubbish Totes being used to heighten the challenge of "rolling". It is being reported, trash is being thrown on the ground more now with rubbish Totes at the gates, then before. the totes was placed inside. The attendants are being abused.
    The Outsiders, are trying to get local boarders, to throw garbage over the fence, that way it is not in the skate area, (devil is in the details).
    Many times, I have suggested, that the CPD take a bigger roll in that area. To the point, that when it is trashed, the skate area is Locked down for "{ X " amount of Days, ) starting with ONE day , working up into as many as it takes. Perhaps a Saturday or Sunday, not a school day, nor a rainy day.
    we spent 22,000 for an E Change to the original build. The boarders skated through the rubber bumpers, put in place to keep them in place. The Mom's of the boarders, wanted the city to Shut down, "Custer", to put a sling on the "Build, Mess Up". Now, we have snowballed into the real, constitution of the Boarder's Creed..
    Keep in mine, once you have mastered the game board, the thrill is gone. Go back in time, Vic 24, or vic 64, or even "Pong" vs what we have now. I love the ability and skill, that boarding gives, they just have to learn to blend in with society.
    The Picture I am showing, is the Skate area in Traverse City, the boarders & bikes were outlawed in downtown T C, they built this one out at the Civic center, by the curve as you enter from the Grand Traverse resort. direction, the exit for the rails and ramps, was to the outfield grass...... what did the boarders do ? they painted graphics on the walls......
  • North Bywood Clawson, MI - Clawson
    Every day these cars are parked on the lawns of these 2 homes. This is starting to happen all over Clawson. Is this allowed? We are starting to look like hazel park and Detroit now.
  • Parks Acknowledged
    1100 North Bywood Avenue Troy, Michigan - Clawson
    New football field looks terrible! Turf litter,mouth guards,tape,water bottle caps,etc. everywhere! Does anyone ever sweep up debris or do required maintenance ?
  • 716-726 N Selfridge Blvd Clawson, MI 48017, USA - Clawson
    2 homemade signs with swear words written on them
  • 1098 N Custer Ave Troy, MI 48083, USA - Clawson
  • Several Archived
    415 Phillips Clawson, Michigan - Clawson
    How long is the pile of dirt from in ground pool going to sit there and does in ground pool need its own fence around it? what is code? Same goes for car parked on side of house on grass...there is no driveway .
  • 1-225 South Batchewana Avenue Clawson, Michigan - Clawson
    Looks like mostly drywall with a mixture of other building materials. The Colorado Blue Spruces need to be pruned a minimum of 4 feet from the bottom up. The parking lot corner attracts contractors, some innocently eating lunch, some hiding while they kill time, EMS trucks (Hiding or awaiting a call) and illegal dumpers. The more evergreen branches there are to hide behind, the easier it is to dump waste.
  • 745 S Batchewana Clawson, Michigan - Clawson
    This issue was reported to the Mayor several weeks ago. To her credit she got the DPW right on it but they did a half-donkey job. The dead tree I complained about is now in the street.
  • None Clawson, Michigan - Clawson
    with more and more single family homes, being used by quite a few adults. they seem to feel they can park wrong way on the streets, & Block sidewalks, to their pleasure.
    I would like to have the CPD, put some value, in the matter of handicap people out walking or using their 4 wheeler.. I am not after a ticket issued, just go to the door, with a reminder, a second to a younger person, could mean a Fall I cant get up, to an older person. More and more parking in front of Fire Hydrants also..