Upper Washington Avenue Neighborhood

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  • Anthony St Albany, NY 12206, USA - Albany
    Last summer neighbors requested additional trash receptacles for weekends to help curb litter from intense use during those periods. It's unsafe, unhygienic, and unfair for all the parks patrons to put people in a position where they aren't able to dispose of refuse properly. Setting patrons up to fail is not the answer. Please deploy additional trash bins on weekend in the picnic areas of the park this season, it's the right thing to do.
  • 164 Brevator St Albany, NY, 12206, USA - Albany
    Several years ago I was notified that a city tree in front of my house was due to be trimmed due to dangerous overhang to roadway and side walk. Since that notification several large branches, 20 feet or more and a foot thick have fallen in road and on my property. I have called city each year to remind them of their notice to trim dead from tree. As yet they have not responded. Currently a large 40 foot long limb is in danger of falling. If it fall it will land on my house. I have called several times in past two months asking that tree be trimmed before it falls. I have notified my insurance company of this pending danger to my home and of my attempts to get the city to remove the danger to traffic, parked cars, pedestrians and my house. Please do something to prevent injury and damage,
  • 14 Ver Planck St Albany, NY 12206, USA - Upper Washington Avenue

    Once again issues on Ver Planck Street with the road turning into a lake.

    See previous issues.

  • 1 Ver Planck St Albany, NY 12206, USA - Upper Washington Avenue
    deep water in the middle of Very Plack St. Happened in early July and again now.
  • Zoning Archived
    5 Tremont Street Albany, New York - Albany
    There is something going on at 4 Tremont Street. They keep getting big trucks delivery of restaurant food. Lots of different people in and out all day and night
  • 1035 Washington Avenue Albany, New York - Upper Washington Avenue

    Widening sink hole at corner of Washington and Clermont.

    Safety hazard next to bus stop on corner and concerned someone could fall in.

  • Tree Issues Archived
    27 Croswell St Albany, NY, 12206, USA - Upper Washington Avenue
    About 1 year ago someone from the City of Albany stopped by and looked at the trees at the end of the driveway - he said that 1 of them needs to come down and possibly another one. I mentioned that a branch dented my car and whenever there is alot of wind, heavy rain, etc. branches are falling all over the driveway and on the cars in the driveway. He said probably (November 2018) it would come down.......still waiting and still picking up branches all of the time. Alot of close calls to some of these branches.
  • 1–23 Tremont St Albany 12205, United States - Albany
    The fenced in backyard on the corner of Tremont st and central avenue across from the Dunkin’ Donuts looks like an illegal junk yard. There is so much junk and old
    Parts and not sure what else that you can see paths between the stuff in the back yard. Clearly visible from the street.
  • 114 Lincoln Ave Albany, NY 12206, USA - Upper Washington Avenue
    Red light out Lincoln Ave westbound @ Van Planck
  • Ver Planck St Albany, NY 12206, USA - Upper Washington Avenue
    It's been almost two months since the lights went out in a storm. It took over six weeks to have them looked at. While the street is marked for work, nothing has been fixed. The street is beyond dark and a danger to pedestrians, home owners, and those driving. Once snow and ice begin to fall it will be treacherous.
  • Lincoln Ave Albany 12206, United States - Upper Washington Avenue
    Green light is out. Westbound.
  • 1-27 Frost Pl Albany, NY, 12205, USA - Albany
    People constantly drive down our street going the wrong way. Often driving very fast (both the wrong way and the right way). There is a lack of signage for it being a ONE WAY. I am requesting more signage in this area and possibly a solution to the cars going well over 40 down our street to get to central.