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  • 49 Elton Ave Trenton, NJ 08620, USA - Yardville-Groveville
    A quality of life issue!!!!!! The residence has too many cats with rampant inbreeding. I can't leave my windows open in my house. I can't sit in my backyard due to the stench. It is that bad. I hope the Twp. does something before I do.
  • 2-22 Lake Ave Trenton, NJ 08610, USA - Hamilton Twp.
  • 185 Elton Ave Trenton, NJ 08691, USA - Yardville-Groveville
    This portion of Elton Ave. is on a curve and 95% of drivers are speedingaround this curve putting childrens lives in danger. There is a bus stop along the curve and should a speeding driver loose control a child can be hit. Speed bumps should be installed so that none of the children are hit by these speeding drivers
  • 25mph zone Archived
    2211-2225 Kuser Rd Hamilton, NJ 08690, USA - White Horse
    Why is this a 25mph zone? It feels like I am crawling along this section of road. The speed limit along here is ridiculous.
  • 182 Elton Ave. - Yardville-Groveville
    Too many speeders on this portion of Elton Ave. It is also on a curve and with the speeding it is a very dangerous stretch of Elton Ave. I have almost been hit several times crossing the street, there are littel children that live in this area and it is dangerous for them. I used to see a cop on a motorcycle watching cars, but it was early in the morning before most people are out and about.
  • Whitehorse Ave.& Arena Dr Trenton, NJ 08610, USA - White Horse
    the traffic light on whitehorse ave at arena dr in hamilton must be re-worked to give traffic traveling north - south at least 5 / 7 seconds to make a left hand turn. this is a very busy area. now the lights have no delay & only one car at a time can turn left during the rush hours.
  • 3739 Nottingham Way Trenton, NJ 08690, USA - Mercerville-Hamilton Square
    Someone is going to get killed
    this is the rt 33 bypass
    there have been 2 one car crashes here in the past 3 months
    Enough is enough
  • 216 Youngs Rd Hamilton, NJ 08619, USA - Hamilton Twp.
    The other night there were 35 Tractor-Trailers that went down Youngs Road between 5 to 9 p.m. This is a residential neighborhood not the truck lane of the NJ Turnpike. These trucks could easily be routed down Quakerbridge Road instead of down a RESIDENTIAL STREET. It is bad enough that the majority of car drive 15 to 30 above the 25 mph speed limit but now 50 to 60 Tractor-Trailers are doing the same. Why are three truck companies allowed to route their trucks down an obviously residential street? No one advised the street's residents that the truck companies have been given permission to use our street as a short-cut. What will it take before this stops? Will it take a serious or fatal injury of one of the children living on our street or in the local neighborhood before someone pays attention? No one stops for pedestrians in the crosswalk located at the corners of Deacon Drive and Youngs Road. Should I start taking down the license plate numbers for all vehicles who deliberately speed down our street and who do not stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk?
  • Springdale Ave Hamilton, NJ 08620, USA - Yardville-Groveville

    Street has been ripped up over the years, patched over, and water puddles pretty deep in some spots not going away sometimes for over a week. The street needs to be re-paved.

    UPDATE: 12/9/11

    An email from Hamilton Twp. says that Springdale Ave. has been added to the "Capitol Road Improvments" list for 2012.

  • 61 Argonne Ave Hamilton, NJ 08620, USA - Yardville-Groveville
    People of all ages drive their cars way over the speed limit on this street (Argonne Avenue) and on Elton Avenue from where Sunnybrea Boulevard ends to where Sunnybrea School is located. These roads are not being monitored. I recently saw a woman almost hit a boy on a bicycle on Argonne. She actually backed up and yelled at the boy! She was speeding down the road and the boy had no time to get out of the way. Someone should do something before there is an accident and someone gets hurt!
  • 65 New Cedar Ln Hamilton, NJ 08610, USA - Hamilton Twp.
    lately saw known drug users at this residence, they are now taking over the house.
  • 148-198 Lafayette Ave Trenton, NJ 08610, USA - Hamilton Twp.
    There's garbage all over the place, kids hanging out, its a mess and should be cleaned up!!!