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  • 579 New Scotland Ave Albany, NY - New Scotland

    Ever since St. Peter's made a policy of "no smoking" on hospital grounds, their employees have been crossing the street to smoke under the canopies of the businesses along New Scotland Avenue. In doing so, they drop their cigarette butts and gum all over the sidewalk. The business owners have complained to Saint Peter's to no avail.

    This is not only a health hazard for residents walking along the sidewalk and having to breathe cigarette smoke, but going in and out of any business is also unpleasant. The clouds of smoke hover, and customers should not have to be exposed to this unpleasantness. It wasn't so bad when the policy began but this winter dozens of smokers congregated regularly in front of Subway, and yesterday the sidewalks were a disgrace.

    I suggest the city make a NO SMOKING area from the corner of New Scotland at South Manning, to New Scotland at West Lawrence. Punishable by a fine.

    Saint Peter's has a responsibility to create a smoking area for their employees. Their problem should not compromise taxpaying businesses.

  • Elbel Court Albany, New York - Whitehall
    Children from Meyers Middle School waiting for the 4:00 bus on the southwest corner of Whitehall Road at Elbel Court are running into the street in front of moving cars and remaining in the street, blocking traffic. On at least one occasion children were sitting down in the street. There is a real danger that one of these children will be struck by an impatient driver. School personnel are not interested in helping. A crossing guard or police officer needs to be on the scene to control this situation before a child is run over.
  • 435 New Scotland Ave Albany, NY 12208, USA - New Scotland
    Overit Media is now a music recording venue. Large group of rappers performing on the street at 11:45-12:30 Sunday night/Monday morning.
  • Watch out! Archived
    613 New Scotland Avenue Albany, New York - New Scotland

    Twice this week I saw whoever was driving the vehicle in the picture cross double yellow lines with oncoming traffic in order to speed past vehicles that were following the law (and common sense) by going 20 mph near a park and waiting for a person in a wheelchair to finish crossing the street. I sure hope they are stopped before they cause a head-on collision or run over a pedestrian.

    In the meantime, drivers and pedestrians beware!

    (BTW, my best guess is that this person lives in the suburbs west of Albany because we happened to be going the same way for awhile.)

  • 66 Glendale Ave Albany, NY 12208, USA - Helderberg
    There are drugs being sold/done in and out of this house. Constantly smells like marijuana, lawn overgrown, constant traffic at all hours of the night, screaming at 3 am, police being called to this house and nothing is done. It's ruining my quiet street/neighborhood.
  • Lark And Dana Ae Albany, New York - Park South
    While walking on Lark at the corner of Dana Ave, a young male (high school age or very young adult) was riding a motor bike on the sidewalk past the Boys and Girls Club and turned in front of me onto Dana Ave. This has to stop before someone gets hurt or worse. Bicycles are not supposed to be on the sidewalk, let alone motor bikes and both are an increasing risk to pedestrians including children. Police presence is needed in this area, 7 days a week, and particularly from 3:00 PM to 5:00 AM.
  • 265-271 S. Allen St Albany, New York - New Scotland
    the new buildings(Eleftheria?) on S. Allen St. are having the entire run of sidewalk replaced by the city. most of those panels were in fine shape but are being made brand new by request!
    would it be possible to repair an actual hazard while the crews are just down the street doing Eleftheria's bidding?
    Thank you
  • 311 South Allen Street Albany, New York - New Scotland
    Unlawful walking of Dogs on Private Property where children play. Leaving dog feces in bags on the middle of sidewalk in the middle of the block and in front of businesses instead of placing it in trash bin.
  • 78 Morris St. Albany, New York - Park South
    Since purchasing my home in the Park South neighborhood last year, I've admired Pat Kelly park at the intersection of Morris and Knox. It is always impeccably maintained... and padlocked. I've asked about it at the neighborhood association meetings on a number of occasions and got hushed murmured responses as to why that is, and who has access to this park.
    Over the weekend, I was walking my dog and to my great surprise- a HUMAN! In Pat Kelly Park- gardening! I quickly walked over to this person and from the other side of the fence said with excitement "Good morning! I've never seen anyone in this park!" The person ignored me. I tried again "Do you have the key?" "Yes Maam I do, " said the person, not making eye contact - then walking away, ending the conversation. Stunned , I continued on my walk, baffled that someone who somehow has a key and private access to a CITY PARK was being so rude.
    On my way back I asked from the other side of the fence "this is a city park, right?" the person refused to answer me and went skulking off behind the shed.
    This is not acceptable. What the heck is going on with Pat Kelly Park? If it's someone's private park and I am confused- please let me know. But if this is a city-owned park (as the most recent parcel map indicates) it needs to be open or there needs to be some avenue for gaining access to members of the community. Is this the Secret Garden?
  • 50 Oakwood St Albany, new york - New Scotland
    For the last month plus a neighbor has parked his boat and boat trailer on our residential street. As per the Albany parking restrictions seen here: it seems this should not be allowed and should be moved and stored somewhere appropriate.
    It is hard to see around when driving as it takes up a good amount of the road at the Barnet and Oakwood intersection. This is dangerous to cars and the children that play on this street.
    Please have the owner find a new storage space for the boat rather than a city street.
    It has been a reasonable amount of time to find new storage and if this is allowed to continue through the winter it would an unneeded plowing hassle.
  • 16 Morris St. Albany, New York - Park South
    This lot has been vacant for quite some time. Lately, there have been upwards of 7 cars parked in this lot on a regular basis and on weekends and during Washington Park events, more folks park in it (driving over sidewalks to access it).
    So my question is- is this a parking lot? Can I park in it? Since people are already using it as a parking lot- why doesn't the city pave it, clean it up and install meters to make it a convenient PAID lot for Lark St. visitors. Seems like a no brainer. It currently looks bad and has no clear purpose.
  • Tree Issues Archived
    35 Oakwood St Albany, New York - New Scotland
    I call this the Death Tree" because it has so many dead branches ready to fall and cause potential death and injury to both pedestrians and cars. It' located across the street from my house on the side of 37 Oakwood St almost on the corner of Fairview & Oakwood St. and right next to power pole #8. It's on city property, has power lines going through it and Lewis Tree Co. refuses to touch it because they don't work on trees next to a street lamp pole. One of the wires going through it is loose and hanging down slightly.