Riverside CA City Call Center (Roughly)

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This Is the call center for Riverside California

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  • Chase Dr Just West Of Garrettson - Ramona
  • 3003 Monroe St Riverside California - Presidential Park
    This is a new picture taken today. I guess nobody or even the city cares! After a month on here nothing has been done. Transients have been camping in the southeast corner of Don Derr park for several weeks. It needs to be taken care of before it becomes a major issue. Before long its gonna be a mess like near the Angel stadium in OC.
  • 5869 Chabot Court - Alessandro Heights
    Abandoned vehicle
  • 9363 Magnolia Avenue Riverside, CA 92503, USA - Arlington
    These people have been hanging out here for weeks and every morning there's new graffiti on the signs. They switch between what used to be the Bella Photo Studio and the front porch of the green (also vacant) building neighboring the Leyva and Night law offices. Please have RPD patrol this area more often , more and more businesses are leaving because of them and their group only grows larger. Tired of them making out neighborhood look like crap!
  • Riverside Fwy & Central Ave & Ca-91 Riverside, CA 92506, USA - Victoria
    The traffic signal on Central Avenue at the eastbound 91 offramp is green for quite a while before the corresponding westbound Central Ave signal at the eastbound 91 offramp turns green for westbound traffic on Central, causing quite a bit of back up and intersection congestion at the eastbound offramp.
  • 4211-4229 Van Buren Blvd Riverside, California - Arlington
    This traffic light does not register when a vehicle pulls up to it which should trigger it to change. Far too often we sit waiting for for it to change without there being any cross traffic. And this is around 3am when there is no cross traffic or reason for a red light in the first place.
  • 3003 Monroe St Riverside, California - Presidential Park
    There is new graffiti on the side walk in Don Derr park. It is right near the childrens playground.
  • 700-822 Glenhill Dr Riverside, CA 92507, USA - University
    There are missing swings at Highland park.
  • 1989-2007 Atlanta Ave Riverside, CA 92507, USA - Hunter Industrial Park
    Pot holes. Many of them.
  • 7177 Brockton Ave Riverside, CA 92506, USA - Magnolia Center
    been like this for 3 days.
  • Rustin Avenue Riverside, California - University
    There is a railroad track on Rustin ave between spruce and Marlborough that doesn’t have a warning light or anything when the railroad track is being worked on or in use. My sister in law was seconds away from getting hit the other night, because what people think is a non working track is actually being used and it’s unsafe to drivers.
  • No change. Still there.