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    448 Park Ave Birmingham, AL, 35226, USA - Hoover
    Please, please, please put a stop sign and crosswalk at the intersection of 448 Park ave and Rockland. It is extremely dangerous. My family has personally had a couple of very close calls and I have seen numerous others. The intersection is very busy, narrow, on a hill and a curve! There are tons of people and children that use those sidewalks and cross that street from the church parking lot everyday. Please help keep our amazing community safe.
    Thank you,
    Lacey Carroll
  • Street Signs Archived
    1133 Alford Ave Birmingham, Alabama - Hoover
    I have an alleyway that leads to about 4 or 5 driveways of houses. Many times I have to tell people to come in this way but is impossible due to no signage and is not visible on the map. Please name alley and put signs on both Haden and Marion entrances.
  • Melton Rd Hoover AL 35022, United States - Hoover
    Requesting traffic study and consideration of a traffic signal at the intersection of Rossbridge Parkway and Melton Road With the new preschool at that intersection opening soon and all the new nearby homes and apartments, this has the potential for becoming a higher risk intersection for families Thank you
  • 429 Shades Ave Birmingham, AL, 35226, USA - Hoover
    Dear Mr. Green,

    My name is Karen Turpin and my husband and I have been Hoover residents since 2006, specifically in Bluff Park.

    Our neighbor’s home was destroyed nearly 8 years ago in the storms of April 2011. Unfortunately, they have now completely abandoned the property and it has become a dangerous place to live next to.

    Attached you will find pictures. Please note there are small children living on BOTH sides of this property. The small shed is infested with wasps and bees and the grass is now so tall you can’t see what is on the property. We have cut the grass closest to our property for the safety of our children but now even that has become too dangerous. Please note there is also abandoned, rotten furniture that has been in the rain, sun and snow for nearly 8 years.

    In addition, since this has happened, we have had multiple rodent issues in our home. I fear when the grass is cut what animals will flee to the neighboring homes.

    With warmer weather on the rise, I am BEGGING the City of Hoover to please get involved and help us.

    Thank you,
    Karen Turpin
  • 200 Shelterwood Circle Hoover, AL - Hoover
    This is my 2nd request for a pick-up. First request was made 2 weeks ago.
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    Moss Rock Rd & Kestwick Dr Birmingham, AL, 35226, USA - Hoover

    The intersection of Moss Rock Road and Kestwick Drive is a three-way intersection, but a two-way stop (the traffic coming UP the hill on Kestwick does not have to stop). The problem is the people coming DOWN the hill on Kestwick are supposed to stop, but they don't. So, as I turn left onto Moss Rock almost every day, I nearly get t-boned by a car flying down the hill on Kestwick that will not stop at his/her stop sign.

    One issue: the stop sign is obstructed by brush

    Another issue: there is no line painted in the road (or it's heavily-faded) so perhaps people do not know to stop

    Proposed solutions: (1) move stop sign or cut brush so that stop sign is visible; (2) paint a line on the road so that people will see it and (hopefully) stop; (3) Hoover police should hide out just around the corner on Moss Rock and write tickets to people who come off that hill and don't stop!

  • 501 Emery Dr W Hoover AL 35244, United States - Hoover
    I am at resident of the Willow Trace community adjacent to Hunter St., Baptist Church. I also use a wheelchair for mobility. My children and I often take walks across the Hunter Street parking lot over to Emery Drive where we cross Stadium Trace Parkway so that we can access the shops at Stadium Trace Village. There is no curb cut or pedestrian crossing request button at this intersection. As a result, I have to cross when a car enters the turn lane and the signal changes. Once I am on the other side of the intersection I have to climb the hill out in the street instead of being able to access the sidewalk. All of the sidewalks at the top of the hill have the appropriate ADA curb cuts, but the curb at the intersection of Emery Drive and Stadium Trace Parkway does not. I used to drive independently and I am trying to recover my ability to do so, but accessing the shops a Stadium Trace Village provides an outlet for me and for my children. With Village Green coming online in 2022 I think you will have even more foot traffic from the Trace Crossings community attempting to climb that hill. Please consider and make it a priority to make this intersection safe and accessible. Interestingly, the next major intersection has a curb cut and a pedestrian crossing request button. Ideally, a sidewalk would connect these two intersections as well. Thank you for making Hoover a wonderful place to live. I would love to speak with someone about other accessibility issues in the area. Sincerely, Jack Lavallet
  • 1135 Empire Ln Hoover AL 35226, United States - Hoover
    Cut pieces of tree and chair with ottoman
  • 2205 Lynncrest Ln Birmingham, AL, 35216, USA - Hoover
  • Other Archived
    738 Shades Mountain Plz Hoover 35226, United States - Hoover

    Health and Safety issue that has not been resolved and ongoing for multiple years.

    Putting new ceiling tiles up does not fix the problem. Anything short of removing the existing wall covering and inspecting for mold growth would be negligent and not a thorough fix for this ongoing problem.

    Roof leak was obviously never repaired

  • 1161 Shades Crest Rd Hoover 35226, United States - Hoover
    Multiple vehicles that are in disrepair.
  • 2432 Scepter Ln Birmingham, AL, 35226, USA - Hoover
    tree limb and yard debris