48th Ward / Harry Osterman

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Greater 48th Ward (Edgewater, Andersonville and Uptown)

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  • 1200 West Lawrence Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    The City continues to allow the " tent cities" to break a multitude of city codes that were created to protect the health and welfare of the general public. We have 100 plus people who " have chosen" to live in the park and viaducts rather than move to a shelter that is not located in the area of choice. As a result we have aggressive homeless wandering the area, over turning garbage carts , drinking and drugging in the park and blocking public access to sidewalks and viaducts. Lawerence and Wilson need to be cleaned and rodent baiting done on a weekly basis. One questions the mental stability of any individual who would choose to live in a viaduct in a Chicago winter rather than a shelter. I would guess the primary reason is that shelters are generally " dry". You can not drink and drug in the shelter thus you refuse to go. City codes must be enforced for the welfare of the community. Contact the mayor of Chicago via " Chicago Mayor Feedback Form.
  • 700-800 W Lawrence Ave Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 46
    Tent city of homeless people breaking every sanitation law on the books. I demand immediate removal.
  • 4749 N Magnolia Ave Chicago, IL 60640, États-Unis - Chicago Ward 46
    Water collects and makes sidewalk impassible
  • 1200 West Lawrence Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    When is the city going to help move the homeless encampment from out of the underpass at Lawrence Avenue and Lake Shore Drive. It's shameful that these people don't have proper places to live/sleep. It's also a public hazard and sanitary issue. This has been here for months/years and should be corrected.
  • 815 W Gunnison St Chicago 60640, United States - Chicago Ward 48
    Pot hole in the alley on the south side of 815 West Gunnison
  • 5639 N Glenwood Ave Chicago, IL, 60660, USA - Andersonville
    Water main is broken in front of 5610 n Glenwood
  • 5440 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Andersonville
    giant pothole coming out of Walgreens parking lot, along bike lane
  • 1416 W Catalpa Ave Chicago 60640, United States - Andersonville
    5506 n glenwood has been dumping trash and contents of their building in the lot at 1416 W catalpa Ave this is the third time this winter as they clear out the building at 5506 N Glenwood
  • 819 W Lawrence Ave Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 46
    Can curb be painted yellow again so drivers stop parking by hydrant? This hydrant was definitely needed during fire last week.
  • 4249 N Ridge Ave Chicago, IL 60660, USA - Chicago Ward 48
    Homeowner's evergreen blocking sidewalk at Lake Cook and Ridge
  • W Lawrence Ave Chicago 60640, United States - Chicago Ward 46
    Homeless encampment has returned and blocking the right of way under Lawrence Avenue bridge on Lake Shore Drive.
  • 6101 N Winthrop Ave Chicago, IL 60660, USA - Chicago Ward 48