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Watch area for houses and townhouses on Colonial, Johns Pkwy and Oyster Bayou Way

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  • Pothole Archived
    3151 Johns Pkwy Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater
    Yet another pothole in the road that needs to be replaced, but only ever gets patched.
  • Road Issue Archived
    Johns Parkway Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater
    Johns Parkway is in need of attention. 1) it's single lane causing the need to drivers to veer into the grass or front yard or of residents when another vehicle enters. 2) The pavement is in poor condition and a constant source of potholes. The road is lined with patches where potholes opened and were patched. 3) There is no sidewalk with the exception of the westmost 10%. How can we get the city/county to consider widening the road, installing sidewalks, and improving the condition of the roadway?
  • 3115 Johns Parkway Clearwater, Florida - Pinellas County
    Vacant house household trash outside
  • Oyster Bayou Way Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater

    Good Afternoon,

    I am the Property Manager for Bayshore Townhomes of Pinellas. The property has several retention ponds and the standing water is attracting an exorbitant amount of mosquitoes. We would like the entire community treated if possible.

  • 3115 Johns Parkway Clearwater, Florida - Pinellas County
    The house was sold via foreclosure. The previous owner left the entire yard full of trash and furnature. The new owner is marketing it for sale, but has not addressed the trash.
  • 3103 Johns Pkwy Clearwater, Florida - Pinellas County
    Vehicle parked for sale on McMullen Booth road at Johns Parkway intersection. Cannot see traffic on coming when trying to turn
  • Pothole Archived
    3131 Johns Parkway Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater
    Large pothole in the middle of the roadway, it's growing.
  • 3144 Johns Parkway Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater
    Mosquitos are terrible in our area.
  • 20 Seagrape Circle Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater
    Swarms of mosquitos in front yard area. Maybe back too but I don’t go back there. To left of property there is a ditch area that’s stays pretty wet. Any time of day swarms of mosquitos to the point i can’t get away and they follow me in the house and I kill them even after door is closed.
  • 3107 Colonial Drive Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater
    At around dusk every day the mosquitoes are out in droves. We can't be outside for more than a few minutes before we get surrounded by them.
  • 20 Seagrape Cir Clearwater, FL, 33759, USA - Clearwater
    Mosquito population incredibly heavy. Bug spray does not seem to deter them from nightingale or swarming people or animals.
  • 20 Seagrape Circle Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater
    There is a wooded drain off area that doesn't drain too well to the north of property separating the neighborhoods (Seagrape circle and K street) which I believe the mosquitos are mostly coming from. They are or any time of the day just in swarms. Even with bug spray they still swarm.