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  • 630 Bethmour Road Bethany, CT - Bethany
    For several years now our first selectman promised to have this land owner clean up this Junk Yard mess. Last May the town hall leader's stated that this land owner would landscape the whole area and plant trees and be finished by June of 2011.
    Why is our first selectman protecting this owner who could care less about Bethany and the people who have to live with this MESS.
    June, 2012 is coming soon and our first selectman promise is still broken.
    Why-Why-We the people, voters,& taxpayers want action now not another
    broken promise which has become a trademark of our current leadership in Bethany.
  • Valley Road Bethany, CT - Bethany
    Valley Road has been torn up for well over six weeks now as part of a reconstruction project. It should not take this long to tear up old pavement, regrade, install storm drains, and repave. The entire Russell Road project was done in half this time, and included major widening and rock removal. In addition, Valley Road runs through water company property and there are no erosion control measures installed. If the town doesn't get this done - and soon - I intend to send the First Selectman a bill for the damage done to the tires and suspension on my car.
  • Peck Road Bethany, CT - Bethany
    The speed limit on Peck Road in Bethany is listed at 25mph as it is an Elementary school zone, yet people drive at 40-50 mph due to lack of police presence since Bethany does not have a private police department and relay on State Police Troop I. There are numerous occasions where people or other cars are almost hit due to the high volume of traffic and those people with disregard to the posted speed limit. Something needs to be done before someone does get hurt or killed.
  • 630-640 Bethmour Rd Bethany, CT 06524, USA - Bethany
  • 247 Fairwood Rd Bethany, CT 06524, USA - Bethany
  • Bethmuor Road (End Near Woodbridge Line) Bethany, CT - Bethany
    Extremely large pot hole on right lane heading towards Woodbridge / Seymour.
  • 69 Handy Rd Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden
    I have been trying for three years now to get several trees cut down in front of my house right along the roadway. Public Works came to years ago cut down two small ones said they would return they never have . Since then trees have fallen damage my car’s and with the amount to town paid out on that claim they could’ve cut down every tree on my property and save me much mental stress Worrying about when these trees might fall again and do more damage or bodily harm . Some of these trees are tall enough to hit my house if they fall . I have been emailing and posting on this site for three years I hope this will be the year that the issues can be resolved before any more damage or God for bid bodily harm is done by these trees Thank you
  • 1-69 Handy Rd Hamden, CT 06518, USA - Hamden
    There are several dead trees along the street joining my property and dead branches fall into my driveway striking my cars and some trees are tall enough to hit my house If they fall 3 windshields have been broken already one tree fell and totaled my car. I have called and emailed the town for almost 2 years they came and cut one down and left 4or5 standing
  • 2356 Downs Road Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    An ash tree fell and is blocking the road. The trunk is about 11" in diameter. I did not see any downed wires. A neighbor and I did the best we could to move it to the side of the road. The road is passable. But it is not safe. The tree is at the bottom of my drive at 2356 Downs Road. (203) 804-5984. Ralph Fink
  • 945 Gaylord Mountain Rd Hamden CT 06518, United States - Hamden
    There is a lot of litter on the Gaylord Mountain Road upon entering Hamden from Bethany. I clean up the litter on this road on a routine basis but feel unsafe doing it on this curvy road. Can the town help me to clean this road up? Thank you.
  • Filth Archived
    247 Fairwood Rd Bethany, CT 06524, USA - Bethany
    Dirty and overgrown property filled with trash-broken furniture -numerous animals housed in dirty living conditions. House does not appear to be maintained to current zoning and safety standards. Is causing dangerous living conditions for all surrounding houses as there are coyotes and rodents over running the property due to filth!
  • 515 Connecticut 69/ Hoadley Rd Bethany, CT - Bethany
    The street light at the Rt 63/ Hoadley Rd intersection has been burned out for months. No light makes this intersection very treacherous at night.