Conley Hill

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  • 2638-2650 Cheney St East Point, GA 30344, USA - East Point
  • 2545 N Bayard St East Point, GA 30344, USA - Jefferson Park
    This section of the street is very dark and poses a safety risk. Could we get a street light here please? The pole has the number 1699 written on it in black, I assume that's the pole number : )
  • 2709 Bayard St East Point 30344, United States - Jefferson Park
    Yard waste and 3 black trash bags, contents unknown.
  • 2862 Semmes St East Point Georgia - East Point
    The property at 2862 Semmes St (alternatively 2860 Stanton St) is condemned, however there are persons occupying the residence, including dogs. There have also been vagrants living in the abandoned and dilapidated outbuilding behind the property, one of whom defecated in my backyard. It also appears that the abandoned property at 1774 Dorsey Ave has also possibly been broken into as the crawlspace doors are unsecured and a back window is open. The chainlink fence running along the back of the property has been pulled down allowing entrance to the yard. All of these properties are connected by the redundant alley way that connects Cheney St to Semmes/Stanton St. The alley serves no real purpose other than allowing ne'er-do-wells access to invade the privacy of our backyards at all hours of the day and night. The alley way is not serviced by the city or maintained by a private party and has become overgrown and littered with empty liquor bottles and discarded appliances. The alley and these abandoned/condemned properties are dangerous, attract the homeless, and make the neighborhood appear and feel less than safe.
  • 1419-1425 Clermont Avenue East Point, Georgia - East Point
    Overgrown yard
  • 1884 Montrose Dr East Point, GA 30344, USA - East Point
    The owner/resident of the home at the intersection of Montrose and Pearl has excessive overgrowth which is visible from both streets.
  • 4210 High Park Ln East Point, GA 30344, USA - East Point
  • 849 Cleveland Ave Sw Atlanta, GA, 30344, USA - Perkerson
    Since 2013 the former Pleasers Club on Cleveland Av. has been a burned-out eyesore in our community. It is now covered with graffiti while the rest of the block surrounding it is new businesses. The City has ordinances that require buildings/businesses in this condition be torn down within 60 days of destruction by fire. We are way past that. If this was on Peachtree St. it would have been done already. It is time to move on getting this building gone and the owners held to the law. Our neighborhood doesn't deserve this negligence.
  • Abandoned Archived
    2943akron St East point, Ga - East Point
    The house next door to me has been sitting there 4 years now and it is has weeds growing everywhere and the roof is kinda looking bad as and is deteriorating the windows are covered up and Ivy ivy is all over the house bird's nest in the house basically needs to be torn down. We need someone to look into it for us.
  • 1853 Linwood Ave East Point, GA 30344, USA - East Point
    massive amounts of water from broken pipe, little to no water on Neely/Clark/surrounding areas.
  • 1019 Jefferson Ave Atlanta, GA 30344, USA - Jefferson Park
    Just wondering if the issue of the inoperable cars parked in back yard has been addressed. I couldn't find the report that was posted near the end of August. Was the post removed? Was the request ignored? What action, if any , was taken regarding this matter?
  • 1662 Ware Avenue East Point Georgia 30344 - East Point
    Overgrowth and dilapidated building