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  • 15 Olive Street New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square

    *Elizabeth Nearing has given us permission to share her story*

    Last night, our friend Elizabeth Nearing was in a car accident on her bike. Despite bruises and a severely bent helmet, she's ok — resting, but okay.

    Elizabeth was on her way to present at the Pecha Kucha on her work as Community Engagement Manager at Long Wharf Theatre. Coming from Long Wharf, she turned onto Olive Street from Water Street. It was dark, so she was wearing a reflective raincoat with both front and rear lights. She was also wearing her helmet and riding far to the right of the lane.

    As she was passing Wooster Street, a car going 25 mph turned into her. Elizabeth's helmet was severely bent and the car's windshield was cracked.


    As a friend of Elizabeth, I am extremely grateful that she is safe.
    As a citizen, I am extremely concerned.

    Olive Street needs be a safer place for all folks — pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists — to travel safely. To start, there are a few core things that could be implemented:

    -Better lighting for visibility
    -Signage for bicyclists
    -A stop sign at Olive and Wooster
    -A protected bike lane

    Would love to hear others thoughts and continue this conversation.

  • 302-324 College Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    I recently moved from Manhattan to New Haven and was shocked (and a little deafened) by the higher volume of police and ambulance sirens in this city. Why are the sirens so loud, especially compared to a much larger city with high background sound levels? If possible, lowering the volume to be comparable to other cities will improve hearing and quality of life.
  • 238 College St New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown

    College Street would be best suited as a pedestrian mall, allowing continued human development in the area and providing a safe, pleasurable environment for citizens without the stress of vehicular traffic, which can use countless other roads.

    Please see my argument here: :
    (Will be pushed on 9/22)

  • 85 Whitney Ave New Haven 06510, United States - Yale University Campus
    Almost hit by a car which crossed on red lights!
    No Pedestrian button for traffic lights
    This crossing is one of the most dangerous in New Haven City, and it is just a matter of time before a car hit a pedestrian.
    Drivers push and do not respect traffic red lights or pedestrian right of way.
    Police should enforce this crossing or City of New Haven could add one of this traffic camera to ticket automatically and electronically disrespectful drivers.
    If the City of New Haven really care about pedestrians’ safety it should act now before it is too late.
    Tired of being a daily target to agressive drivers who get away with everything.
  • 222 York Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dwight
    To improve the safety of the mid-block crossing for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, we ask the City of New Haven to implement a mid-block, painted or stamped crosswalk with pedestrian crossing signs and pedestrian-activated flashing signals at 222 York Street directly in front of the University Theatre. In addition, in order to slow traffic approaching this mid-block crossing and to improve pedestrian visibility within this crosswalk, we ask the city to limit parking near this midblock crosswalk directly across from and in front of the theater and to clearly designate no-parking areas on either side of the mid-block crosswalk. Finally, to provide for disability access, curb cuts need to be installed at either end of this crosswalk.
  • 888 Grand Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square

    As a female resident of NHV who has to walk down Grand Avenue every day, I've become exhausted by the loitering, intimidation, and harassment I face almost every day just going to and from work. I get watched going in and out of my apartment and followed, stalked by cars driving next to me down the street - nowhere else in New Haven except that street. Today was the final straw when one man in particular made it clear what his intentions were as he screamed at me when I walked by and I'm concerned I may see him again.

    The liquor store owners are amazing people and I have nothing but good things to say about them, but the people the store attracts has made Grand Avenue terrifying to walk down coupled with the few abandoned buildings and empty lots. The store is maybe 35% of the problem. the lack of policing is the rest.

    Please...PLEASE, can a police car be stationed here throughout the day and night? I see none. Ever. If I do, they're just driving through to get to somewhere else. I live so close to downtown that I want to be able to enjoy walking there with some sense of security.

    Thank you.

  • 934 Grand Ave New Haven Connecticut - Wooster Square

    Been thinking about this for a while - but this past weekend finally pushed me. Was painting my fence, which backs up to a building on Grand Ave, and nearly got peed on by someone who decided to urinate on the opposite side of my fence, not knowing I was there.

    Grand Ave between Olive and Jefferson is a drag on our neighborhood. Noise issues, drug use, littering, loss of businesses (looks like Olive & Grand Food Mart is shutting down) - it cuts right through our neighborhood and is an uninviting divider separating Lyon & William Streets from the rest.

    It's time to clean this mess up.
    Follow the Howe St model - not long ago, that wasn't a great place to be after dark. Now it's totally transformed.
    Put up cameras to curb illicit activity, and improve pedestrian confidence at night.
    Calm traffic and improve access by adding a bike lane (to connect with existing bike lanes downtown, and beginning on Grand Ave entering Fair Haven). Street parking - metered and/or resident.

    This would be a serious quality of life improvement for neighbors, and connecting just-out-of-downtown businesses to a growing downtown.
    Time to start a conversation.

  • 760 Chapel Street New Haven, Connecticut - 770 Chapel Big

    We need more police presence on the 700 Block of Chapel Street. In the last three days a woman who works in our building was grabbed by the arm by a man at the bus stop. Also a man just urinated on the doorway to 760 Chapel Street. When I caught him, he ran across the street in to a late model Pontiac driven by an older woman.

    Is it possible to have more police patrolling the streets and bus stops in this area so everyone feels safe and issues like this decrease?

  • New Haven New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    I have a suggestion for the city. Right now is a perfect time to do an LCI ticketing blitzkrieg for unshovelled sidewalks. I know the city has always been hesitant to enforce this law because of the unpredictability of storms and the chance that a homeowner isn't able bodied. However, I've personally observed many homes with plowed direways and unshovelled sidewalks. This is utterly selfish and unaccceptable and should be an easy red flag for the city to ticket.
  • 328-344 Temple Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    Where are we with the Complete Streets project that's supposed to have been installed here to make this intersection safer? Ask anyone who regularly tries to cross here, in particular students of Timothy Dwight College: you take your life into your hands every time!
  • 270 Temple St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Downtown
    The whole of the New Haven Green looks like this, except on all the other benches people are passed out or lounging among the filth. This is disgraceful misuse and monopolization of this public space.
  • 300 College Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    DIRT BIKE ABD ATV MADNESS! Packs of masked Juvenile Delinquents again storming down streets and running through pedestrian crossings. They are masked and pop wheelies. The noise is unbearable and it is a grave safety hazard. Add this noise to the neat constant ambulance sirens and downtown becomes a ghetto all summer. I have reported this issue since 2006 but it seems like the local cops are overwhelmed by little boys needing to show off.