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Kimiko Capers. Please don't close this issue again without addressing the problem. So thick at times no ducks or geese on pond. Will fish and other wildlife suffocate, other than it being an extreme eyesore. Thanks!

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  • Kings Grant Virginia Beach Virginia - North Central

    Alligator grass is over taking this city rainwater retention pond referred to as Timberlake in the Kings Grant subdivision. It is covering major portions of the pond, including the drainage pipes that traffic rainwater run-off from much of our city out-flowing to the bay. The major concern is that the storm pipes, channeling this water thru these city rainwater retention ponds, will become blocked from this pollution grass during a storm or upcoming hurricane season and surrounding neighborhoods will become flooded as happened in the Windsor Woods area during hurricane Matthew.

    The water depth of this city rainwater retention pond has become decreasingly shallow due to city rain water runoff and sediment flowing into this lake over the years from new housing development & baseball park development. The city rainwater runoff entering from the south west end of the lake and flowing or exiting to the north east at the deepest it is about waist deep in the center with much of it shallower than 2 feet along the banks allowing this alligator grass to thrive & grow in abundance on the edges of the lake.

    This alligator grass is also creating a huge breeding grounds for mosquitoes and the most recent concern and report of West Nile virus in our neighborhood (Oxford Lane/ 23452) makes this an immediate concern & public hazard.

    Mosquitoes With Potential West Nile Virus, Alligator Grass Pollution, & Shallow City Rainwater Retention Pond - What A Pollution Mess In The City/ King's Grant Community!

  • Traffic Signal Acknowledged
    N Great Neck Rd Virginia Beach, VA, 23451, USA - Northeast
    There needs to be a stop light at this intersection of North Great Neck and Lynnhaven Dr. I was nearly in 3 accidents in the last week at this intersection with cars waiting to turn onto Great neck. Cars also creep past the stop line into the intersection when waiting to turn onto or cross Great Neck. Pedestrians and cyclists are not visible when turning onto Lynnhaven Dr. and with the new residential development being built the problem is only going to get worse and more dangerous. It's only a matter of time before someone is going to be seriously injured or worse.
  • 536 Pinewood Drive Virginia beach, Virginia - Northeast
    On Mediterranean west side of corner house the sidewalk is broken and lifted up from tree roots. I called and reported this month's ago and it's still not fixed. I am disabled and my wheelchair is very close to falling off the edge. Crews looked at it and called me to verify the section of sidewalk I was referringredients to.. this sidewalk is used to access norfolk Ave multiuser trail . This sidewalk is extremely Hazarduous and needs to be fixed asap
  • 2408 Pleasure House Rd Virginia Beach, VA - Northwest

    Just verified Storm Drain on East side of Pleasure House Rd from Judge Lane to Bel Aire Avenue “DO NOT DRAIN”, they are always 75% to 90% full.
    The Drain on the West Side of Pleasure House about 50% Full. All the drainage ditches need to be cleaned from Powell’s Point Rd. To Lookout Rd.

    These drains have continued to be clogged and one of the main reasons the streets flood,

    Appreciate your assistance in advance for your help in resolving these issues, as you have with others we have reported.

    Tom Steet

  • Traffic Signal Acknowledged
    Great Neck Rd At First Ccolonial Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northeast
    Heading south bound o North Great Neck Rd, approaching the intersection of First Colonial Rd, there are overgrown trees obscuring the view of the traffic light until you are almost at the intersection.
  • London Bridge Road Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    London Bridge Road and Drakesmile Road between International Parkway and Dam Neck are significantly impacted by snow. Both directions have snow piles reducing or eliminating a lane requiring dangerous merge conditions to avoid snow.
  • Traffic Signal Acknowledged
    London Bridge Rd & Mirror Lake Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23453, USA - Virginia Beach city
    When I leave for work at 0600 military personnel are using our entrance as a U-turn to avoid waiting on Dam Neck causing a backup in our neighborhood. I am often cutoff and unable to get in line to make a left out of my neighborhood forcing me to make a right and go all the way down Harper's. Please post a No U-turn sign or make our light longer in the early morning. Thank you.
  • Road signs Archived
    Kings Neck Dr & Lynnhaven Rd N Virginia Beach, VA, 23452, USA - North Central
    There has been a "road closed" sign left at this intersection for several weeks. Also between Kings Neck Road and the 7-11 there are a few traffic cones, and I believe one additional sign.
  • 648 North Piping Rock Road Virginia Beach, VA 23452, United States of America - Virginia Beach city
    1. Black car parked on grass. Now has West Virginia license plates, used to have New York. No valid stickers on plates. It is illegal parked on MY property at 644. It was parked there by the people living at 648. This is done repeatedly. We have told them not to park there. Even placing plants and pots to deter this activity. 2. The blue Jetta on the driveway does not run and has not moved in months.
  • 2303 Sandalwood Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23451, USA - Northeast
    Sandalwood Road is the city access point to the beach for disabled and has only 2 marked disabled parking spots and 2 non-restricted parking spaces. There looks to be an area of City easement/ public right of way on WEST side of Sandalwood in front of homes and it would be great to have that public easement clearly marked for parking spaces on west side of Sandalwood.
  • 3100 Shore Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23451, USA - Northeast
    LESNER BRIDGE ,WEST BOUND outside lane at transition from temporary to new structure, fillasphalt has settled needs more fill. East bound inside lane "man hole rings" stand about 2" above road surface, needs more fill. These condition are hazardous.
  • Prosperity Road Virginia Beach, Virginia - Dam Neck Naval Air Station
    Trash pickup along the entire Prosperity Rd from General Booth to Birdneck Road is so sad. There is so much debris in the gutters and along the road. We have gone to Adopt-A-Program on Landstown Road and talked to Elizabeth Kemper but were told there are no sidewalks on Prosperity Road so we can get no assistance whatsoever. Two VB-sponsored marathons go along the road so runners must see the trash that's all along the route. My daughter lives on Prosperity and it's such a shame to drive along the road and see trash everywhere. If we could only get a truck with blinking lights and cones to assist us when we pick up trash, it would be greatly appreciated. I know you say it's not safe for your people to do such with no sidewalks but what about us residents. Our lives are also in danger when we do pick up the trash. Any advice, assistance, or ideas would be greatly appreciated. It is in Virginia Beach and a part of the town that we are proud of but it's also quite disturbing to see so much litter on our road. Camp Grom, Redwing Golf Course, The Knights of Columbus, and the KOA are on that road besides the residential homes. Please come up with a solution to help us.out. Jill MacKellar (Cell 757-500-3060) and Pam & Greg Simon (1230 Prosperity Road, VB 23451, Cell 757-510-3799).