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Flood, fire, water, and emergency alerts in and around North Cambridge.

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  • 320 Rindge Avenue Cambridge, MA - North Cambridge
    Pedestrian reports missing crosswalk sign here. Today Water Dept worked at this location. Residents put a temporary "sandwich board" indicating crosswalk for students to identify crosswalk, but that disappeared today. Resident is not sure why the temporary sandwich board sign had to be removed. Please reinstall the crosswalk sign or provide some temporary indicator for students to safely cross Rindge Ave. This is a high traffic area and should not be unmarked.
  • 1924 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge

    Technically there should be a painted bike lane here, but it hasn't been painted ever since the roadway was resurfaced (a month ago?). I called this in to CPD's non-emergency line, but posting here to make sure it's recorded.

    While this issue is important for CPD to know about, it probably should be re-routed to whoever is supposed to be repainting the lines, and then after that to whoever can determine if bollards can be placed here (or the whole bike lane moved to a sidewalk level cycletrack...but that seems unlikely with the roadway just having been resurfaced...).

  • 35 Cambridgepark Dr - North Cambridge
    I called this vehicle in to the non emergency police line over an hour ago. I don’t think this building management or Cambridge is taking the continued illegal parking here seriously. 2 hours later, there are now 3 vehicles parked illegally. They must think the cones mean special contractor parking.
  • Somerville Community Path Somerville, MA 02144, USA - Somerville
    this path is always flooded when it rains people have to walk in the mud. It has to be hard for people with strollers. It's nasty. Been living in this area for 11 years and no one is fixing the problems.
  • Somerville Community Path Somerville, MA 02144, USA - Somerville

    The community path floods every time it rains making it impassable and/or very difficult to navigate for strollers, wheelchairs, cyclists and other users.

    This is a persistent problem that needs a long-term fix ASAP. It's a major inconvenience for the hundreds that use the path daily.

    When will a long term fix be implemented?

  • 2029 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    Fire station plowed snow into bike lane again. Please ask them to stop doing this.
  • 235 Alewife Brook Parkway Cambridge, Massachusetts - Cambridge Highlands
    Whenever there's a hard rain or melting snow, there's a significant water puddle from Wheeler St to closer to TD Bank. The water doesn't drain well in this area. There is more puddling on the sidewalk behind Mattress Firm and Chipotle, too. Makes the walk to and from Alewife difficult.
  • Russell Field Cambridge, MA, USA - North Cambridge
    Photo taken today at 12:30 pm. Ice mounds, multiple deep pools of water from failing gutter seams, gutters, downspouts. As a disabled person who has been housebound since the last storm and requires this access to public transportation and essential errands, this dangerous condition is discriminatory and entirely preventable. Please address this issue in a timely fashion - fix the gutter seams, gutters and downspouts on the fieldhouse, correct the ponding water problems and remove at once all of the ice and snow from the path between the fieldhouse and the f=playing field.
  • 7 Cambridgepark Drive Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    The intersection at Cambridgepark Drive and Steel Place is flooded with standing water 4 inches deep, worse at the crosswalks, making it impossible to cross without getting soaked. Please consider making engineering changes to provide a better pedestrian environment.
  • Other Archived
    10 Clarendon Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    Two pressing issues: first, the National Tire and Battery on Mass Ave has been storing customer vehicles in the rear employee parking lot. This means constant coming and going and moving of vehicles all day and evening. On Monday, 14 vehicles were parked in an area intended for approximately 6 employee vehicles. Today, a customer vehicle is parked blocking the sidewalk. The second pressing issue is that the rear fire door, which according to a 2012 Cambridge License Commission hearing is to remain closed, is propped open with a cigarette disposal unit the majority of the time. The noise that emenates from the open door is well beyond the allowed decibel and distance, and can easily be contained by keeping the door closed. It is important for the neighbors (including local daycare providers who use the neighboring playground on a daily basis) that these issues are resolved to minimize noise and environmental pollution.
  • 7 Cambridgepark Drive Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    Lately when it has been raining, a large water puddle outside of 36 Cambridge park Dr fills the road. There is no storm drain in that section and it is causing cars to either drive in the oncoming lane or drive through the massive puddle and splash walkers.
  • Street not draining Acknowledged
    69 Harvey Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    Every time it rains, the street floods here. The puddle is three car lengths long. Now it is freezing and creating a hazard. It comes up on the sidewalk at 69 Harvey. Children fall on it when walking to school. Please help.