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  • 4125-4159 Eatons Creek Road Nashville, Tennessee - Enchanted Hills
    As soon as you turn off Ashland City Hwy onto Eatons Creek Road, there are holes and dips on the right side of the road a little after passing Queens Lane. There are many times where people drive on the other side of the road into incoming traffic to avoid damaging their cars from this. It puts those traveling the opposite way in danger with traffic coming head on. Please fix this whole stent of road from the beginning of Eaton's Creek off Ashland City Highway to Kings Lane.
  • 3309 Olsen Ln Nashville, Tennessee - Bordeaux
    This is a HUGE problem on my street in Bordeaux. We live on Olsen Ln. People speed through like its a freeway! Kids are always playing in the street which is another HUGE problem. Someone needs to get the kids off the street and install some speed bumps.
  • Danny'S Market 1497 County Hospital Rd Nashville, Tennessee - Bordeaux
    I am constantly bombarded with extremely loud noise from the vehicles that come to the market. Also, very suspicious activity going on at Danny's Market. The store is a nuisance to the neighborhood.