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  • 157 E 181st St Bronx, NY - Tremont

    The establishment is called Club Deportivo Corp, a non-profit organization that operates as a cabaret/bar/nightclub on the weekends; in addition it has been shut down on several occasions because of illegal gambling and drug sales. It's in a residential neighborhood and consistently plays loud bass-driven music on the weekends and holidays, I checked with the NYS Alcohol Beverage Commission, and found that they do not have a license to sell or serve alcohol. In searching, I also found out that the entity type is DOMESTIC NOT-FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION; not a nightclub. Unfortunately, repeated calls to 311 for the noise complaints and NYPD Precinct 46 for the illegal sale of alcohol has not shut the place down for good. I also contacted the building's landlord, David Isaacs, (917) 805-0736, and he stated that he doesn't even know what type of establishment they are running.

    Although this place has been a part of the neighborhood for so long, they do not have a grandfather clause to run this sort of business in a residential neighborhood. In addition, on/off duty police officers frequently visit the establishment on weekends when they are supposed to be patrolling our streets to keep them safe, and rarely respond to 311 complaints unless there's been a fight.

    **I feel that because we live in the Bronx, we just don't matter because I have many friends whom live in Manhattan and when they raise issues like this, the problem is taken seriously and taken care of.

  • 2119 Davidson Ave bronx, ny 10453 - University Heights

    Despite of my written complain, still we DON'T HAVE HEAT OR HOT WATER and my 4 children are freezing along with 400 tenant of this building.. THIS IS NOW FOR THE LAST 5 DAYS AND NIGHTS.


    I have given you already the Landlorn name: Mr. Greenspan and Phone No 212-873-0567, but nothing was happened.


    30 west, 181 street, Bronx, NY 10453

  • 30 West 181 Street bronx ny 10453 - University Heights

    we are suffering as we do not have hot water and heat for the last 3 days and night.
    we have 4 small children

    (map marker updated to correct location by admin)

  • Tree Trimming Acknowledged
    W229th Street Bronx, NY - Kings Bridge

    There is a two trees on Sedgwick and W229th Street that blocks the traffic light going south bound. Those that don't know the street can easily pass a red light and hurt someone. Please contact the appropriate people to have the tree trimmed to avoid any accidents.

    Thank you.

  • 2785 Sedgwick Ave bronx, NY - Kings Bridge
    Tenants at 2785 Sedgwick ave no not receive adequate heat, heat goes on twice a day 5am for about 2 hours then again at 6pm for about an hour or so, also we have been out of an elevator for a month now.
  • 2751-2757 Claflin Ave Bronx, NY 10468, USA - Bedford Park
    front door lock is broken .broken hallways windows painted with graffiti,basement have a problem with rodent and apartments. dirty and filthy hallway floors. building alleyways have no ligths at nite times in case of fire is dangerous.
  • 2039 Creston Avenue Bronx, NY 10453 - Morris Heights
    Mount Hope Garden has been shuttered for years:
  • 30 West 181 Street bronx ny 10453 - University Heights

    Please note that every evening and from 7 pm to 6 am, the entire building remain without of heat and hot water.

    We are about 300 adults and most of them are children are suffering this situation everyday.

    We call the landlord "Mr Abraham Greensapn" at 212 873-0567 and informed him but no taken at all.

    Therefore, please help us NOW as a matter of VERY EMERGENCY,

  • Vandalism Acknowledged
    1983 Sedgwick Ave Bronx, NY 10453, USA - University Heights
    Severe Vehicle Vandalism!!!!!
  • 2150 Creston Avenue Bronx, NY - Tremont
    We constantly have no heat in our building on the weekends, and no one to contact other than 311 because the super of the bldg only works 9am-4:30pm M-F. On Friday evenings he usually leaves the premises unattended, which means that in the colder months we have no heat on wknds and very little heat on weekdays. Several communications with the Landlord, David Isaacs (917-805-0736 cell/ 718-438-0088 office) provide no help as we often get the excuse that "the boiler is broken and no one can fix it until Monday." Interestingly enough, it always seems to "get fixed" when the Super returns to the building by 9am on Monday mornings.
  • 2263 Morris Ave Bronx, NY 10453, USA - Tremont
    for the past SEVERAL WINTERS there have been no heat! Several tenants have as well complained. 311 has been called & bldg management. There are young children living in this bldg and suffering from no heat. I have my 10yr old son w/me & he shouldn't need to dress in his sweats and winter clothing while going to bed. We need help ASAP!!!
  • SPEED BUMP Acknowledged
    127 Father Zeiser Pl Bronx, NY 10468, USA - University Heights

    Approximately two years ago the City redirected traffic to clear congestion on Fordham Rd, the offset has been additional traffic flow on along Father Zeiser Place, between Sedgwick and University Ave. Unfortunately, the vehicles travel through this narrow residential street at high rates of speed creating a safety issue for the area. This street is adjacent to an active city park utilized by small children and elderly throughout the day. There are no traffic control devices between Webb and University, approximately 1000ft of road, which allows the vehicles to pickup excessive speed on this street . One or two speed bumps positioned throughout this strip would slow down drivers creating a much safer environment and possibly eliminating a future tragedy.
    As the weather gets warmer the park usage will increase by all necessitaing the urgency of this safety issue.

    Thank you for your attention,
    J. Rodriguez
    Father Zeiser Place Resident