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Test watch area for the Town of Irondequoit, NY

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  • Potholes Archived
    4415 Culver Rd Rochester, NY, 14622, USA - Continental US
    From culver turning onto Emily St and all the way through to Bayton Dr there are numerous potholes. Not only is this a congested area for autos the potholes provide more of a nuisance with vehicles trying ot avoid them. Help !
  • 264 Pinegrove Ave Rochester, NY, 14617, USA - Irondequoit
    Three weeks ago a road crew removed sections of the street on Pinegrove Ave and List Ave. List Avenue has been repaired but Pinegrove is not. There are major road hazards and no cones showing them. This is going to cause an accident or serious vehicular damage if it is not repaired or at least marked.
  • 392 Clifford Ave Rochester, New York 14621, United States - Rochester
    {TEST ISSUE} Stop sign is broken
  • Drug overdose Archived
    1121 N. Clinton Ave Rochester, New York - Rochester
    Abandon house with 2 overdoses in the last week. Addicts sot on the back stoop and use.
  • Irondequoit - Wayne County Expressway Irondequoit, New York - Continental US
    The 104 connection that was started and now sits unused needs to be completed through to the Titus Ave roundabout. This would be a fairly easy solution that would significantly reduce travel distance during the summer and a far more economical solution over a year round outlet bridge.
  • pothole!!! Archived
  • 461-471 Crossfield Rd Irondequoit, NY 14609, USA - Irondequoit
    There are pot holes on Crossfield Road leading all the way from Echo St to Norton St. Please fix!!
  • Dover Rd Clarksville, TN - Irondequoit
    I often go to krogers and notice anyone comming from Dover Crossing wanting to turn onto Dover rd are faced with a dillema. When the light turns green for those on Dover Crossing so do those on Zachry dr. A lot of trucks come from that road and of coarse they have the right of way. So we're faced with 2 problems. The light is faster to turn red then green so we end up waiting 10-15 minutes to go because those turning right have right of way. The second is that if any of the cars or trucks use improper or no turn signal we are left guessing what they are going to do! This is not safe, please add a turning light so this is safer for everyone!
  • Potholes Archived
    156 Stanton Lane Irondequoit, NY - Irondequoit
    Lots of potholes in Stanton Lane where Stanridge meets.
  • 285 Miller Lane Rochester, New York - Irondequoit
    The address given is one of the corner houses. There are numerous potholes at the corner of Miller Lane and Greenhouse Drive. The town filled many potholes on Miller Lane this week, but this corner was missed.
  • 373 Whipple Lane Irondequoit, NY - Irondequoit
    This guy is a tool......
  • 355 N Park Dr Rochester, NY, 14609, USA - Irondequoit
    There is a huge pot hole in front of the entrance to the Abraham Lincoln Apartments, 355 North Park Drive. Also, several pot holes on North Park Drive. It would be appreciated if these could be fixed asap. Thank you.