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  • 1324-1430 West Hill Field Road Layton, Utah - Layton
    Semi-truck parking on both sides of the road between Marshall Way and McCormick Way is causing a limited visibility traffic hazard for motorists entering the roadway, particularly for those leaving businesses on the south side of the road.
  • Yield Sign Archived
    East Veterans Memorial Highway & Interstate 15 & Layton Parkway Layton, Utah - Layton
    Traffic entering freeway on ramp is not yielding. The sign needs to be repositioned and a flashing sign installed. Everytime I drive through this area I am constantly having to brake to avoid a collision as traffic ignores the yield sign.
  • Layton Parkway I-15 On Ramp Northbounf Davis, Utah - Layton
    Getting onto I-15 from Layton parkway going northbound is a daily safety concern. The traffic light heading east has 2 lanes of traffic to get onto the interstate. The west bound traffic merges onto I-15 going north but should yield to that traffic. Almost everyday I am getting on to I-15 and there is an unsafe situation by close calls to car wrecks where the merging traffic does not yield or even look for oncoming traffic. I am wondering if the yield sign is unclear or if it needs to be a stop sign.
  • Daily backups Archived
    Veterans Memorial Hwy & I-15 Layton, UT 84041, USA - Layton
    Daily stopped traffic from Farmington through Roy. From Layton to Ogden has desperately needed to be widened for years. That stretch has been 3 lanes for 25+ years and has been getting much worse since the improvements Farmington to Layton.
  • N Cold Creek Way Layton / Davis County, Utah - Layton
    I am recommending to have an intersection street light installed at the intersection on Hill Field Road and Cold Creek Way. Thank you.
  • Rough Road Archived
    East Veterans Memorial Highway Layton, Utah - Layton
    I have a Honda Sportbike. I live in Clearfield, work in Salt Lake City. Long ride as it is, without your grating lanes to add to my commute. Not only do you have the HOV lane from Kaysville to Farmington grated out, (which is the ONLY Uneven Lane sign posted) , you now have the FAST LANE grated from Hill Field down past the Boondocks in Kaysville! It is very dangerous for us motorcyclists, we are stuck in the lanes. We can't get out, due to the UNEVEN LANES. Which we could potentially avoid IF THERE WERE SIGNS! I got pelted in the neck this morning due to loads of debris, because people are passing me because I can't go the speed limit due to my tires getting caught in the grooves. VERY dangerous. And very irresponsible on you guys for NOT having the right amount of signs posted. Finish a lane before you start another! You say watch out to motocyclists, but you guys are part of the problem also!
  • Layton Parkway/I15 Northbound On Ramp Layton, Utah - Layton
    West bound drivers are supposed to yield to East bound drivers on the I15 North Bound on-ramp on the Layton Parkway. Almost every day, I see drivers blowing through the yield sign. This intersection is poorly designed and is counter intuitive when it comes to the yield. Those drivers that do yield then need to look backwards at a 135 + degree angle to see if cars are coming. I have witnessed 2 accidents already with dozens of near misses. Suggest that this intersection be modified by extending the 3 lanes further north and then have drivers merge (like the South Bound On Ramp on the other side of the Layton Parkway). Just because UDOT puts up a yield sign, it doesn't correct a very poor design. Suggest UDOT have someone watch and witness what is going on at this location.
  • I-15 Between Layton And Kaysville Layton, Utah - Layton
    The HOV painted lines were ground down overnight and repainted but the rocks were not swept up. Rocks are all over the road, and caused 12 rock chips in my windshield.
  • Striping Archived
    East Veterans Memorial Highway Layton, Utah - Layton
    At the SB off-ramp at antelope drive the off-ramp in the two right turning lanes there like a road marking mess in the two right lanes you can see it when your coming off the freeway i don´t know if you guys can remove it because it looks really ugly and messing.
  • Traffic light Archived
    2700 W 5600 S (Sr 97) Roy, Utah - Layton
    The light on 5600 S. (SR 97) stays green for a lengthy time. North & South bound traffic builds up on 2700 W. once we get a green light we're lucky to move 3 cars eastbound onto 5600 S. People are getting out of their cars to push the crosswalk button attempting to get the light to change or are running red lights to get through the light.
  • Signage Archived
    281 South Main Street Layton, Utah - Layton
    I'm traveling Southbound on main trying to UTURN on a green light....but the cars on Layton parkway turning left has a green arrow as well. It doesn't make sense that both cars have a green arrows. I cannot wait for all the cars to turn left. The light will turn red and I just stall traffic, making cars behind me not able to turn. I have always had close call with other cars and not sure how my insurance will cover if I get into an accident of both lights are green. Put a red light when it's main street time to turn green.
  • Striping Archived
    W Hill Field Rd Layton, UT 84041, USA - Layton
    There is no striping on the underpass and it's actually very scary to drive on because cars don't know what lane they are supposed to be in. It's scary watching cars almost sideswipe each other.