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  • Stallings Rd. And Hickory Ridge Rd. Harrisburg, NC - Harrisburg
    There needs to be a regular light here... To many times have i seen accidents almost happen due to confusion and there being soo much traffic to Hickory Ridge Campus.. Plus if the entrance to the Hickory Ridge campus gets a regular traffic light so should here!
  • 500-598 Hickory Ridge Rd Harrisburg, NC 28075, USA - Harrisburg
    There is a bridge on Hickory Ridge Rd. that could be used to transport students home but it is too weak to support buses, We need a new or stronger bridge to help save gas that the buses waste taking a back way to school
  • Robinson Church Road Right Next To The Old Post Office Site. - Harrisburg
    Railroad crossing on Robinson Church road between School Circle and Stalling road is so bad drivers have to almost come to a crawl to cross the tracks or risk seriouly damaging their automobile. I have asked the town to see about getting it repaired but was told to call the Norfolk Southern railroad. I placed several calls to the number given me by the people in town hall but never could get anyone to answer the phone. I have lived here for almost fourteen years and the tracks have always been this way. Any assistance you may be able to render in solving this matter will be greatly appreciated.
  • Robinson Church Road Ave Harrisburg, NC 28075, USA - Rocky River Crossing
    The rr track (crossing) on Robinson Church Road entering Harrisburg is in BAD NEED OF REPAIRS!
  • 4097-4185 State Highway 49 Harrisburg, NC 28075, USA - Harrisburg
    Traffic light is exceptionally long all hours of the day, so long that some people actually run the light waiting for it to turn green so they can make a left turn from Main Street onto Highway 49. Dangerous since the road is curved and hard to see on coming traffic from the left, sine there are signs and the road is curved.
  • 6099 Creekview Court Harrisburg, NC 28075, USA - Rocky River Crossing
    Have to wait a long time for light to change when no one trips light in either direction, at 5:00 am it takes 6 minutes sometimes for light to change
  • Hwy 49 Harrisburg, NC - Harrisburg
    the left turn signal on to Roberta Road from highway 49 needs to be fixed. The time needs to be extended. Traffic backs up in the evenings very bad. If they could extend the green arrow time more cars will be able to get through therefore making that section of highway 49 and easier traffic flow
  • Roberta Road Harrisburg, NC 28075, USA - Rocky River Crossing

    Pot hole on Roberta Road, in front of Sentry Electric needs repair !!

    It's been repaired.Thanks.

  • 7795-7885 State Road 1173 Harrisburg, NC 28075, USA - Harrisburg
    1 to 2 foot wide pot hole in the middle of the north bound lane.
  • 6431-6447 Town Hall Pl Harrisburg, NC 28075, USA - Harrisburg
    The street lighting in the Harrisburg Town Center has to be improved. It is very dim, and with pedistrians crossing the road, someone is going to be killed one day because you cannot see due to the narrow streets, parked cars, and pedistrians walking out from between cars.
  • 7250 Robinson Church Rd Harrisburg, NC 28075, USA - Harrisburg
    Crowder construction CHARLOTTE Nc cut cable
  • street lights Archived
    4068-4074 N Carolina 49 Harrisburg, NC 28075, USA - Harrisburg
    the street lights that were installed here when they built the businesses an restraunts havent worked since an at night its hard to see with only ur headlights