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  • Deep Pothole Archived
    91 Hammond Rd centereach, NY - Centereach
    Deep Pothole right in front of my driveway. Big enough for my tires to fall into and scratch rim. Should be a quick fix! please come!
  • 1070 Middle Country Rd Selden, NY - Selden
    Many pot holes on Park Ave through the full street from Middle Country Rd. at the rear and side entrances to 1070 Middle Country Rd. Selden Strip Center, Jiffy Lube entrance, also rear commercial lot, and a home at the end of street. This street is ignored and in need of being re-paved properly. Taxes are paid for 3 commercial, and 1 residential property along Park Ave and this small street is in need of a proper repaving for years. Any previous attempts to make repairs fall short of a full re-paving and not fixed properly, costing more to do over and over again. Help would be much appreciated, Thank You
  • 50 S Howell Ave Centereach, NY 11720, USA - Centereach
  • 45 S Coleman Rd Centereach, NY 11720, USA - Centereach
    Both sides of road riddled w/potholes from this stop sign til rt. 25
  • 69 College Road Selden, NY 11784, USA - Selden
    Huge pothole and smaller ones along rest of road towards middle country rd
  • Hammond Rd Centereach, New York - Centereach
    I hit a pothole and the tire separated from the rim. Will need a new tire. I'd like to get this reported to the town of Brookhaven to be reimbursed for a New tire .
  • Adams Avenue - Selden
    This pothole can fit your entire car tire in it. It has been "patched" up many times with some loose blacktop, but about a day after its fixed the hole is back.
  • 154 N Coleman Rd Centereach, NY 11720, USA - Centereach
    Gaping, tire popping pothole due to cesspool replacement. Been there almost a week.
  • Hammond Road Off Middle Country Road centereach, New York - Centereach
    Multiple deep potholes along Hammond road, most severe near juncture with Middle Country Rd. cars swerve to avoid them. Also there is a manhole cover which is below grade by several inches.
  • SINKHOLE Archived
    172 174 N Coleman Rd Centereach, NY 11720, USA - Centereach
    After finally taking away the 2 yellow sawhorses, covering the cesspool(?) repair & repaving, we find there is STILL A LARGE SINKHOLE, that will only get worse as we get to winter
  • King Avenue Selden, NY - Selden
    King Avenue is FILLED with potholes. King & Imperial is especially bad, but they go all the way down to Marshall. I hit a pothole between Fairlane and Ruland one morning and bent my rim. I can't afford a fix this paycheck and have been filling my tire before driving every time I go out because it's flat. The town needs to fix EVERY pothole in this neighborhood and reimburse me for my damaged car. Maybe a class action lawsuit by Brookhaven residents against the town and Losquardo is the next course of action.
  • Hammond Rd Centereach, New York - Centereach
    March 31,2014 - i hit a pothole on Hammond Rd about 1 hour ago. I want Town of Brookhaven to reimburse me .