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  • 5th Ave N hopkins, MN - Hopkins
    Left turn light is to short. maybe 4-5 cars can make a left turn.
  • 3464-6174 Minnesota 7 Hopkins, MN 55305, USA - Hopkins

    The stretch of roadway from the church, past the Hopkins Community Center all the way to Eisenhower Elementary is filled with craters and potholes all along the north side of the street. Part of the road is for two way traffic but because of the terrible condition of the roadway & the numerous potholes drivers have to hug the center line in order to avoid damaging their cars.

    As of 01/07/2010 this roadway is still in sorry shape. Minimal halfhearted patching of potholes was partially attempted. The entire road surface is horrific. Cannot even take this road at the posted speed limit. Passengers are bounced around. Still have to dodge potholes in the road. With the winter we're already having we expect them to be in worse shape by spring.

  • U.S. 169 Hopkins, MN 55343, USA - Hopkins
    Many potholes on 169 Southbound between Hwy 7 and 494.
  • 12th Ave N Hopkins , MN - Hopkins
    Street light goes off and on every few minutes
  • Excelsior Blvd Hopkins, MN - Hopkins
    The traffic light NB 169 exit to Excelsior, especially turning left onto Excelsior are too short. The area has too much bicycle traffic and too many bicyclists ignore the pedestrian crossing signals or when using the pedestrian signals it takes two to three cycles before the ramp traffic gets to move. Only 3 to 4 automobiles get through the signal normally.
  • Pot holes Archived
    1000-1040 6th Street South Hopkins, Minnesota - Hopkins
    Numerous potholes
  • U.S. 169 Hopkins, MN 55343, USA - Hopkins
    Large buckle/crack in Hwy 169 North bound.
  • snow removal Archived
    41 8th Ave N Hopkins, MN 55343, USA - Hopkins
    There is about a 3' wide swath of snow left in the street along the east side of 8th Ave. N. to the corner of 1st St. This is a handicap building and handicap buses pick up tenants. Shouldn't this snow be removed?
  • 300 12th Ave N Hopkins , MN - Hopkins
    Street light goes off and on every few minutes
  • 601-643 Blake Road North Hopkins, MN 55343, USA - Hopkins
    Northbound Blake Rd, rt turn lane onto 7. Utility access cover too deeply recessed. Car took a major hit.
  • 707 11th Ave S Hopkins, MN 55343, USA - Hopkins

    814th 9th street unit #6
    Hopkins mn 55343

    A dog was barking for a while so I went to check it out. It is locked in a small cage next to the open sliding glass door on the second floor. I saw the tv on so I figured someone was home. After another hour of the dog barking I went over to the unit and knocked on the door and no one has answered. I spoke with the next unit over and they said the dog has been barking most of the day. This complex dosnt allow dogs unless they are for handicapped reasons and this was a small dog.

  • 1009 6th Street South Hopkins, Minnesota - Hopkins
    numerous potholes heading west before stop sign