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  • 114 East Main St Clinton, CT 06413, USA - Clinton
    Steward's Ace Hardware in the rear parking lot is were they keep the trash dumpsters. Truck picks up the trash in mornings between 5:30 and 7:00 AM the trash dumpsters are very close to the back of the Lafayette Green apartments the trucks make lots of noise when emptying the dumpsters and wakes people living in some of the apartments who are trying to sleep why can't they move the dumpsters to a different location within the lot it's a big lot and there's plenty of space for the dumpsters to be placed away from Lafayette Green apartments so they don't disturb people trying to sleep this is a serious problem and needs to be fixed.
  • 45 Grove St Clinton, CT 06413, USA - Clinton
    Grove street across from Catholic Church. Hard to avoid. Already ruined one tire.
  • 36-66 Cow Hill Road Clinton, Connecticut - Clinton
    Light turns on and off at a 3 min rate.
  • 1-57 High St Clinton, CT 06413, USA - Clinton
    The sidewalks are heaving, broken, crowded by shrubs and submerged during any amount of rain along a very busy route road used by students walking to the High School and an over 55 community. Students and other pedestrians walk in the road instead of using the sidewalk. It will not be long before someone gets hit! I've fallen twice walking downtown. Once serious enough to require medical attention for my knee.