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West of Boulevard, South of Cary (WOBSOC)

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    3318 Parkwood Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Carytown
    Pronounced lip in the sidewalk joint that causes people to trip. I just witnessed a woman trip and hit her head because of this. I have reported this several times, please fix it.
  • 3106 Grant St Richmond Virginia - Richmond Precinct 3
    Please plant dark purple crape myrtles along the outside of the ball field fence in back of John B. Cary Elementary along Grant Street (see attached photo). This would beautify the area, potentially increasing home values.
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    677-699 S Belmont Ave Richmond, VA 23221, USA - Richmond Precinct 3
    Please move the do not enter/stop sign on the northeast corner of Grant and Belmont closer to Grant St. A number of cars go the wrong way all hours of the day, and many cars going the correct way don't see the stop sign until the last minute because it's not close enough to the street. Please also paint crosswalks and stop lines at this intersection. In addition, please consider adding a speed hump near the corner of Grant and Huxley (like the one on Maplewood in front of John B Cary Elementary) as many people speed down Grant St, a wide, one-way street, and there are kids living in the area and playing at the ballpark.
  • Boulevard Corner Idlewood Richmond, Virginia - Carytown
    Driving from S Boulevard into Idelwood their is a huge and deep pothole right in the corner. This is quite dangerous since in order to avoid it one has to get in the next lane but because it is in the corner it isn't easily seen hence double dangerous. It is so deep that I feel my tires would be punctured if driving trough it.
  • 3015 Grayland Ave - Carytown
    Negligent owner never mows. Grass over 2 feet tall. Please fine them and mow.
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    3107 Grant St Richmond, VA 23221, USA - Richmond Precinct 3
    Tree limbs need to be trimmed in power lines
  • Downtown Expy & Rosewood Ave & Va-195 Richmond, VA 23221, USA - Stadium
    This car is covered in a tarp and is crushed. It's been there since June.
  • 3433 Parkwood Ave Richmond, VA 23221, USA - Carytown
    Sidewalk blocked by overgrown hedges. Please actually do something this time.
  • Sidewalk hazard Acknowledged
    3318 Parkwood Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Carytown
    A tree was removed and the sidewalk was left with a large lip which trips up unsuspecting pedestrians very often.
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    3004 Idlewood Ave Richmond, VA 23221, USA - Carytown
    The road here has a bad speed bump right before the interstate ramp. Please mill it down and make it a smoother transition. Right now I have I slow down to a crawl when going over it.
  • Potholes Archived
    2804 Idlewood Ave Richmond, VA 23221, USA - Carytown
    Deep pothole
  • 2904 Grayland Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Carytown
    Trash dumped in the back alley of 2904 Grayland. Trash strewn everywhere attracting rats and other animals.