The original Westwood, Richmond VA

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Area including and surrounding the historic Westwood community/neighborhood - founded in 1870 by those recently emancipated from slavery in this area (primarily at the Patterson plantation).


*** Westwood ("African Americans of Henrico County", ch 6)

*** A Community Saved, Westwood ("Built By Blacks", ch 9)

Notified About

  • Bulk Trash Acknowledged
    5316 Patterson Ave Richmond 23226, United States - Richmond Precinct 3
    This is actually ally behind 5309 Snowden lane. It has a dump truck which exceeds legal weight limit back here overflowing with trash. This is a mosquito breeding ground. The dump truck is a zoning violation which has been reported to the city.
  • Potholes Archived
    1000-1002 Willow Lawn Drive Richmond, Virginia - Willow Lawn
    deep medium sized pothole in left S lane
  • Willow Lawn Drive Near Wythe Ave. Northbound Richmond, Virginia - Henrico County
    There is an enormous pothole the size of a child's blow up swimming pool in the northbound lane.
  • 5424 Park Avenue Richmond, VA - Richmond Precinct 3
    Pick up a pile of tree debris that is located in the front of this address.
  • 1011 Willow Lawn Drive Richmond, Virginia - Willow Lawn
    There is a leak on the city side of the water meter at 1011 Willow Lawn. It is causing a wet spot on the sidewalk that will ice over when colder weather arrives and will present a public hazard. This has been reported to DPU multiple times starting on September 2, but they are not responding.
  • 5309 Snowden Ln - Richmond Precinct 3
    Abandoned lot with back fence partially lying in alleyway blocking other residents. Weeds exceeding 5' in height. City can locate lot because they are the ones that put orange signs on various windows and doors. It's at 5309 Snowden lane which is in the Westwood community near Dwight jones church of Westwood baptist. It's one street behind Patterson. Please do not close. This has been this way for close to year. City came and towed about six vehicles off lot due to expired registration so they know where it is.
  • Other Archived
    5301 Kingsbury Rd Richmond, VA 23226, USA - Richmond Precinct 3
    Originally reported May 2016...Sewer drain clogged, attempted to unclog, but drain is backed up beyond reach. Sitting water in drain currently and the clogged drain flooded street during recent rain. Picture attached.
  • potholes Archived
    Willow Lawn Drive Richmond, Virginia - Henrico County
    Northbound, just south of Wythe
  • 5312 Patterson Ave Richmond, VA 23226, USA - Richmond Precinct 3
    Like last year, lot is overgrown with weeds topping 7' high. Was thinking city would stay on top of this but not so far. Can someone come cut yard please
  • Dunbar & Snowden Richmond, Virginia - Willow Lawn
    At Snowden and Dunbar St the light on the pole is no longer there. Caller states on Snowden the area is very dark without the street light. The street light is the 2nd pole from the intersection.
  • Other Archived
    1001 Baywood Ct Richmond, Virginia - Willow Lawn
    There is water coming up through the road, looks like a water main leak. Water is flowing continuously through cracks and mud in the middle of the street. It is getting worse on a daily basis.
  • Willow Lawn Drive Richmond, Virginia - Henrico County
    new potholes in both northbound lanes